Adventures in Dollhouse Decorating: Part 3

Dollhouse kitchen

Welcome to our dollhouse home tour!  It’s been three years coming, but I am finally sitting down to share the renovation, decoration, and creation of our beloved dollhouse.  I have been putting off sharing the inside for quite some time, because we are forever changing, rearranging, and tweaking things and I guess that’s really how {Read More…}

Dollhouse Peg Dolls

Dollhouse Halloween dolls

It’s been a week since I showed you the little Alexander family of dollhouse wooden peg dolls I made.  Since then, the kids and I have cranked out a ton more.  We have been sitting down at the kitchen table with the little kit we put together and cranking these babies out.  It is both fun {Read More…}

“You’ve Been Booed!”

We've Been BOOED

We are not the stealthiest family.  This year, we hand picked 5 of our most favorite families to Boo.  If you don’t know what being “Booed” means, you are missing out.  I, personally, enjoy doing the booing more, because I love ding dong ditching!  Enlisting my kids for this tradition is the best.  Watching them {Read More…}

Transformation Tuesday: DIY Peg Dolls

OMG Alexander family peg dolls

Welcome to Transformation Tuesday, a place where Monday’s junk is transformed into glammed up treasures.  Today’s transformation is different from my usual.  I’m not using Monday’s junk today.  Today, I am transforming little wooden pegs into dollhouse dolls.  I’d love to say I scored some on a junk run, but the truth is, I bought {Read More…}

Clever Corkboard Ideas

pinable graphic clipboards

You may have seen me in stealth mode creepin’ your ‘hood in my black minivan with dark tinted windows alongside my four homies (kids) scooping up rusty junk and discarded treasures. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve been to my crib to pick up one of my upcycled pieces and have seen “The Driveway” of unwanted castoffs {Read More…}

Junky Monday Roundup

Welcome to Junky Monday Roundup. Here is where I dish on the best junky finds after a trip to my favorite shopping place. The curb. One man’s trash is this chic’s treasure and I’m bringing it to you every week. Stick around until Transformation Tuesday to see how I glam the stuff up. It’s been {Read More…}

Oh My Gluestick Graphic Tees

I have always been a casual sort of girl.  Even when I try to dress up, it doesn’t last.  The minute I’m home, I strip down to my trusty comfy jeans (or yoga pants) & a tee.  Sadly, most of my favorite comfy clothes are covered in paint.  I love nothin’ more than wearing a comfy, funk graphic tee that’s {Read More…}

Hassle Free Succulents in Minutes

Easy succelents

On a shopping trip with some girlfriends, I saw some cute little succulents wrapped in burlap.  I had to have them, but thought I could make my own.  Not because I wanted to do it cheaper, but because I just really wanted to make my own.  The best part of DIY for me, is the challenge.  {Read More…}

Three Simple Ways to Transform Damaged Corkboards

Hand stenciled corkboard

Over the summer, I hit the corkboard jackpot.  I have no idea why I stumbled across so many, but knew there was still life to be lived despite the damages each one incurred.  With a little imagination and no skill at all, I was able to cover up a nasty eye sore and make very {Read More…}

Easy License Plate Wall Art

License plate wall art

I love old license plates.  It’s that junker mentality of connecting with the past and anything that represents a little piece of history and shows it with rust, chipping, peeling paint, or grunge makes me salivate.  Through the years we’ve managed to collect a few plates between my husband and I.  My Arkansas plate is the {Read More…}