New Business Cards Design for the Rebrand

Funky Business cards by Oh My Gluestick

I am forever evolving, changing, growing, learning, and finding my niche.  To illustrate my new brand, I designed some much needed current business cards to show off the new look.  I was so super duper excited to get them in the mail and asked Princess if she wanted one to put in her backpack.  “Why?” {Read More…}

Breaking Up {With Mommy Friends} is Hard to Do

Breaking up with mom friends is hard to do

When I was pregnant with my first child, I had two close friends who already had children and only one of them had a baby close in age to mine. It was natural for us to get together once the babies became mobile. Had I known better, I would have declined her invitations. Play dates {Read More…}

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Haggle Your Friends

Give credit by Oh My Gluestick

I love discounts and I love free! Who doesn’t? Finding a great deal can release all sorts of endorphins bringing on a rush of happy!  With that said, there’s an unspoken protocol with friends who make, build, and create as a business. Here are a few reasons you should avoid haggling with them or asking {Read More…}

Junky Monday Roundup


Happy Junky Monday!  I’m late doing my roundup today, because I’m tired! Good grief, today’s been work, but it’s been nice too. So, lets get to it.  Today produced: 1. A pretty, but broken chair. It’s lovely and can be repaired. I will fix it and make it gorgeous. 2. Rugs. These are not things {Read More…}

Tips & Tricks for the Beginning Painter

Tips and tricks for beginner painter by Oh My Gluestick

I’m often asked my opinion, method, or logic when it comes to painting projects. I love this. I’ve been doing it a long time and have learned so much through trial and error. True story, when I was a very young 18-year-old, I lived in a top floor apartment. I wanted to paint my entertainment {Read More…}

Junky Monday Roundup

Oh My Gluestick's Junky Monday Roundup

Today’s junk didn’t disappoint. Here’s a roundup of this week’s finds. 1. Bungee chair. The kids saw one at Target and thought it was cool. This ones’s in great shape, so they will enjoy this (or fight over who’s turn it is). 2. This is an enormous framed art display. Someone took 28 wooden framed maps {Read More…}

Junk Drunk After a Day of Shopping Antique Week


Here’s what you should know about Antique Week: 1. There are shops spread out over 22 miles. Just when you think you’ve hit the mother load, there’s more just around the corner.  We parked and started at Zapp Hall working our way back until dark.  After dark is when the music starts and things really get hoppin’! 2. {Read More…}

The Turquoise Room: Refabbed Junk Makeovers from an Addict

Turquoise kidney table closeup by Oh My Gluestick

It’s no surprise that I love the color turquoise. My Gran loved turquoise jewelry and when I was little, we crossed the border into Nogales, Mexico where I learned the art of negotiation (haggling) while she stocked up on her love of sterling and turquoise. Last Summer, Princess moved to her own room and requested {Read More…}

Why My Home Will Never Grace the Pages of a Magazine

junk deck by Oh My Gluestick

Is your house a wreck?  I bet it’s nothing like mine. In fact, my mess could probably put your mess to shame, but that’s ok.  I’m embracing it and shedding the light on my “process” as a mom, wife, crafter, junker, and homemaker.  It’s life, which is never perfect, often messy, and more often fun.  {Read More…}

Junky Monday Roundup

march 24 2014 by Oh My Gluestick

I love Mondays.  That hasn’t always been the case, but Mondays are trash days in my ‘hood and they never usually disappoint. My friends are always amazed by the loot I score while I am just amazed by the awesomeness I find and what good stuff people throw out for whatever reason. I’m a huge {Read More…}