30 Days of THANKS


Yesterday as I was wrapping up loose ends to our Halloween costumes, I realized, “YIKES!”,  November is upon us and rapidly approaching.  I started to panic as I realized I wanted to start our “30 days of THANKS” starting November 1st and had nothing prepared.  As a family, we plan to write down what we are most thankful for every night during dinner and display it for the month.  I thought I might make a little mini tree and hang little leaves with our thankful messages on them.  However, counter and shelf space is always an issue in our house so I decided to do a flat tree instead.  I had visions in burlap, so  I went to the garage and spotted the perfect board and got to work.

Initially, I thought I’d use my Cricut to cut out a leafless tree, but the board was too big and I wanted the tree to cover it.  I taped three sheets of dark brown card stock together and drew on my design with a white gel pen until I was happy with it.  Notice the parts I scratched out.

I cut the tree out with scissors and laid it against my board to see where trimming needed to occur.  Surprisingly, cutting out the tree by hand took loads less time than I thought it would and I decidedly enjoyed how relaxing it felt.  I know.  Weirdo.

Since I thought I might pin the leaves to the board, I thought having a cork underlay would be best.  I picked these two cork boards up ages ago {from the curb} and now one of them has met its greater potential.

After easily removing the trim, I laid it on the board and trimmed where necessary.  These boards are cheap, so that was a disaster!  Tiny messy pieces laid about my freshly cleaned floors.  Figures.

Next, was trimming the burlap.  I love this stuff and hate it all at the same time.  It sheds and sticks to everything.  But it sure it *purty*.

Anyone who’s ever attempted hot gluing this stuff knows it can be a pain.  Literally.  My secret is using a wooden stir to do the hard work of holding the fabric in place while the glue sets. 

I then secured the paper tree to the front tacking the trunk and each branch in place with a dot of hot glue.  I want it to stay in place, but want to be able to tuck the leaves under the branches too.  I will then secure the leaf with a thumb tack or sewing pin under the branch so it doesn’t show.

Since I am hanging our tree from the door by the kitchen table, I needed to create “hooks” to loop ribbon through.  I hit up our stash of soda tabs we are saving for Pop Tabs for Charity and borrowed two.  These little beauties are great in a pinch to do on the fly projects like this.  I scoured the garage for two small screws and secured them to the board through the pop tab. Easy peasy.  The next step was to find some pretty ribbon and loop it through the tabs tying knots on the ends to prevent them from slipping.

Now the tree is hung, but needs it’s leaves for our thankful notes.  For those, I turned to my Cricut.  While the tree was relaxing, cutting out thirty small leaves didn’t seem like a good use of my time and school was almost out, so I needed to wrap it up quickly.

I pulled several different colored sheets of card stock and used Cricut cartridges Doodle Charms and Stretch Your Imagination for the different leaf shapes.  I realized the same tree does not produce random different shapes, but I wanted variety so that’s what I did.

When my husband got home, he commented on how much he liked which made me happy.  I love crafting and especially dig it when my vision turns out they way I intended, but I really dig it when my husband takes notice.  After I explained to him my plans for the tree as a family, he was really on board.

Are you doing “30 days of THANKS”?  How do you plan to celebrate?  If you create my little on the fly craft above, I’d love to see it!  Happy crafting.


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