Easy felt owl ornament tutorial

owls complete watermarkIf you’ve been following along the past few weeks, you know I am in full decorating mode and getting Princess’ room together with custom painted furniture like her hot pink dresser and these night stands as well as chotchkies including handmade angel wings.  I’ve been multi-projecting with loads of crafts and projects going at the same time.  I was up until midnight last night to complete these owl ornaments so I could move on to finishing up the unicorn head I’ve been working on for over a week now.  I just could not resist getting started on these and once I did I couldn’t walk away.

balls to start watermarkA while back, I found a package of hot pink sparkly Christmas ornaments curbside.  I knew I’d add them to Princess’ room, but wasn’t sure in what capacity until I stumbled across this little tutorial via Pinterest.  The original tutorial used styro balls, but I wanted the owls to hang and thought the ornaments would be perfect.  They were scuffed and missing glitter in some places making them not as pretty as they at one time probably were, but they were structurally sound and the hangers were in mint condition.  Making the glitter balls into owls seemed like the perfect way to give them back some of their former glory, not to mention, they were free!  I love free.

felt feathers watermarkI started with the Owl 2 pattern from the tutorial using the feather template.  I wanted 2 colors per owl, so I cut feathers from 4 different colors of felt (2 sheets of felt per color = 8 sheets of felt just for the feathers) getting as many feathers as I could per sheet.

getting started from bottom watermark getting started from side watermarkWith my trusty glue gun, I went to town starting at the bottom making a flower pattern with the feathers in one color.

double color from side watermarkdouble color from bottom watermark

done without faces watermark

I then worked my way up staggering and layering all the way around with both colors until I hit the top.  The layering reminded me of an artichoke and was really relaxing winding the pattern up and around.

getting started watermarkI ended up with 6 different balls in 6 color combos.  With scraps of extra felt, I cut the eyes, nose and ears out.  The templates from the pattern of Owl 2 were too big, so I had to wing it and make my own to make them proportionate to ornament balls.  Once all the personality features were hot glued on, I added googly eyes.

owls complete watermark

The owl ornaments will hang by fishing wire from the ceiling in Princess’ room.  I love how bright and cheerful they turned out.  They match her personality perfectly.


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