The Unicorn of all Free Furniture Finds

before and afterDo you have those pieces of furniture in your home that you just love?  Like seriously, love to stare at it, touch it, smell it {maybe a little too far}, but just drool over and think, “Ha ha!  You’re mine!”?  I do.  For me, they are usually the pieces I’ve found on the curb and have worked on heart and soul to make them beautifully, uniquely mine.  This hutch is one of my all-time favorite free finds.  It literally cost me nothing from the piece itself down to the finish, because I already had in my stash the perfect paint to accommodate all those gorgeous lines and grooves.

One late Sunday afternoon, the kids and I were driving home from a birthday party when my eyes were immediately drawn to this beauty sitting majestically curbside in the sun.  What gorgeousness!  There had to be something wrong with it, but that has never stopped me from pulling over and hopping out for an inspection.  As I walked towards it, an elderly man appeared from his garage filling me in on the details and history of the piece.  He informed me nothing was wrong with it, they were just in the process of remodeling and had nowhere to put it.  His wife had purchased it over thirty years ago from a gift shop in a local hospital where it was probably used to display items for sale.  I had to have it and was ready to throw my body on top of it if anyone else so much as glanced at it.  I thanked the lovely gentleman for the information and told him I was in love with it and would be right back with my husband.  He was such a doll and told me he wouldn’t let anyone else take it.  I literally lived around the corner and while I would normally try to strong-arm this beast in the back of my ride myself, I was newly pregnant and knew better.hutch before watermark

I frantically called hubby immediately to prepare him for what was about to happen.  This is a phone call he receives far too often and we have a garage-full {and house-full} to prove it.  Still, he never complains and does my bidding because it makes me happy and that, my friends, is a damn good man!  The sweet old man was waiting on us when I returned with hubby and he was just super accommodating, helping him lift and load up the hefty pieces for us to take.  To this day, I am still in disbelief this actually happened and the buffet section is sitting in my living room assuring me this wasn’t a dream.  I had been scouring Craigslist for months looking for a buffet and hutch to go on a particular wall and eventually gave up when I couldn’t find what I had in mind.  This piece, is exactly what I wanted.  And I found it.  For free.  Thank you, God.sideboard before watermarkhutch before up close with detail watermarkhutch with glass before watermark

Both sections were in fantastic shape.  They were obviously very loved and cared for.  Barely any dings or scratches and the finish was still in tact.  This made it an easy decision for me.  Hubby envisioned it in black and I already had just the paint.  I used an oil based black paint from Sherwin Williams and didn’t even both to sand first.  I applied three coats {letting each one dry completely in the sun before applying more} with an acrylic brush.  It gave me just the loveliest finish with the right amount of visible brush strokes, but not too many.  It’s been several months and the buffet is a gorgeous addition to our family room hiding a collection of Lincoln Logs, Legos, and Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head bobs and bits.  The finish has withstood three kids banging and bumping it with the finesse of a pack of bulls and still looks new. hutch after watermark2sideboard after watermark hutch detail after watermark hutch top after watermark hutch glass after watermarkAh!  Those details!  Can. You. Believe. This. Piece. Was. Free!?  This was an ultimate find, a crowned jewel, and a dream pick.  Pieces like this are like unicorns and are meant to be respected and treated with love.  If you’re lucky {and patient}, maybe you will stumble upon your dream piece soon.  XO


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