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Adventures in Dollhouse Decorating: Part 3

Welcome to our dollhouse home tour!  It’s been three years coming, but I am finally sitting down to share the renovation, decoration, and creation of our beloved dollhouse.  I have been putting off sharing the inside for quite some time, because we are forever changing, rearranging, and tweaking things and I guess that’s really how {Read More…}

Dollhouse Peg Dolls

It’s been a week since I showed you the little Alexander family of dollhouse wooden peg dolls I made.  Since then, the kids and I have cranked out a ton more.  We have been sitting down at the kitchen table with the little kit we put together and cranking these babies out.  It is both fun {Read More…}

Adventures in Dollhouse Decorating: Part 2

This dollhouse project has been close to my heart.  I’ve documented mostly every step with the intentions of writing about it long before now.  It’s a special project I have worked closely on with my babies and has become one of the most treasured pieces in our home.  It’s a mini home where our creation {Read More…}

Adventures in Dollhouse Decorating: Part 1

I’m a believer in fate, karma, miracles, and luck. What’s meant to be is meant to be.  On a beautiful March morning in 2012, I was about to experience one of the biggest cosmic alignment of the stars I’ve encountered to date. On the way home from dropping Princess off at school, I spotted it. {Read More…}

Junky Monday Roundup

Welcome to Junky Monday Roundup. Here is where I dish on the best junky finds after a trip to my favorite shopping place. The curb. One man’s trash is this chic’s treasure and I’m bringing it to you every week. Stick around until Transformation Tuesday to see how I glam the stuff up. This past {Read More…}

Transformation Tuesday: DIY Peg Dolls

Welcome to Transformation Tuesday, a place where Monday’s junk is transformed into glammed up treasures.  Today’s transformation is different from my usual.  I’m not using Monday’s junk today.  Today, I am transforming little wooden pegs into dollhouse dolls.  I’d love to say I scored some on a junk run, but the truth is, I bought {Read More…}

Thrift Store Thursday

I love junkin’ and I love dollhouses.  Somehow, somewhere it was sure to rub off on my kids.  I suppose when these things are in their faces all the time, they are bound to strike an affinity for treasures I enjoy as well.  Take this vintage dollhouse for example.  A couple of weeks ago, we {Read More…}

Creative Homespun Angry Birds Party by Oh My Gluestick

              PARTY DETAILS My kiddos love Angry Birds.  They are better at the app than I am!  Since they have back to back birthdays, I decided to throw them a joint party this year.  I love homespun parties and a shindig in the back yard is perfection in my {Read More…}

Free Legos!

That’s right.  Free Lego’s.  How do you ask?  I suppose I was at the right place at the right time.  We were coming home from dinner and passed a house that was clearly in the process of moving.  As in, they were loading furniture and clothes in to a moving truck as fast as they {Read More…}