A sweet little Easter craft the kids will be eggstatic over! -An Easter Tree

This little art project is fun and super quick! The longest part is waiting for the paint to dry. Estimated time: 1 hour

Head over to Michaels (with your 40% off coupon) and pick yourself up a cute little bucket. Before you leave, hit up the Easter Section and grab some pretty decorative Easter Eggs for 99 cents each.

You will also need spray paint (the color of your choice for your tree. I chose white), styrofoam (I used a ball cut in half), a plethra of newspapers or plastic grocery bags, and a pair of scissors.

Go out and cut yourself a nice little branch. I snipped a good one from our youngest Oak Tree, but Crepe Murtle trees rock for this kind of craft!

Take your branch outside and paint it until you are satisfied with the finish.

I used this paint
This is the cute bucket I snagged from Michael’s with my 40 off coupon! What a bargain! It was regularly $17.99.
The worst part of this project is getting all these annoying tags of the eggs. Each one had 2 or 3 each.

But they were SO worth it! So pretty and SO cheap!
Ok, you can use the styro ball like me or this green squishy stuff, but beware. It is messy!
I was undecided until the very end which “grass” I would use. I chose the peet moss.
Getting ready to start constructing.
The ball (half ball) worked great.
Use your newspaper or plastic grocery bags to wrap around the base of the styro ball and branch. This is to secure it and keep if from wobbling in the bucket. Place that part in the bucket and stuff it as tight as you can with news paper or the plastic bags (I used bags). Once your satisfied that it’s locked in place, cover the top with the “grass”.

Now it’s time for the kids to decorate!
My sweetie pies had an absolute blast. They love crafts and this was just perfect for us.

Look how proud they are!


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    Cute, cute! I made one similar for Christmas with those little cardinals from the dollar store (I covered them with glue and glitter and clipped them on the branches.) Going to have to make one!

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