Mama summer 2016 wheat

I’m a 30 something stay at home mom of four little ones under the age of 10. Life in our smallish house is loud, hectic, never dull, and always messy. The counters are full of drying crafts, baked goods, and projects in the making. From the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. the house is filled with squeals, laughter, and chatter. It’s crazy, overwhelming, distracting, and delightful.
For circumstances beyond my control, I was raised by my grandparents. Because of them, I learned how to be the mom and wife I am today. Without these two loving people, I would not be this version of me. I thank God eternally for His blessings of love, devotion, and acceptance and will forever be grateful to my Gran & Granddad. Gran taught me to sew, crochet, cross stitch, clean (yes, an important skill to have with messy kiddos), craft, and cook. Granddad taught me about gardening, carpentry, and how to care for pets (we had a ridiculous number of hunting dogs, 2 house dogs, a cat, 2 fish, and a bird at one point). Above all, they taught me about love, respect, devotion, and self-worth.
In my late 20’s, I became friends with a handsome Indian man with a Texas accent who made me laugh. Nine years, three children, two dogs, and three cats later, he still makes me laugh and we are happy. In my “spare time” I am a small potatoes graphics designer. I design printable artwork and party goods. It started out as a hobby to decorate for my kids’ home birthday & annual Halloween parties and has turned in to something I am so passionate about. I enjoy designing new pieces and working with new people.
My life has taken twists and turns that I never would have expected in my wildest dreams. For the longest time, I didn’t think this kind of life was possible. I don’t always feel deserving of what I have, but have never forsaken it. God had bigger plans for me and I am overjoyed to fulfill them.