Adventures in Dollhouse Decorating: Part 2

Dollhouse Makeover  by Oh My Gluestick

This dollhouse project has been close to my heart.  I’ve documented mostly every step with the intentions of writing about it long before now.  It’s a special project I have worked closely on with my babies and has become one of the most treasured pieces in our home.  It’s a mini home where our creation flows and there are no rules.  We can let loose, play, imagine, create, and start over any time we want.  It has become a passion, hobby, and love affair since I found it that Junky Monday morning sitting on the curb cold, broken, and alone.

Though each step towards progress has been exciting, I’ve had difficulty writing about it.  I tend to jump the gun and get all giddy over a project before it’s finished and blab all about it.  With this one, it’s been the opposite.  I haven’t wanted to document as I go, I’ve wanted to recap once it’s completely finished.  What I’ve realized in this labor of love is that it will never be finished.  We are always going to tinker, add on, rearrange, and redecorate because that’s the fun of this toy, this play thing we’ve acquired that has brought out the kid in me and connected the babies and I together giving us a common craft to really bond over.

I’m grateful to whoever loved it first and then passed it on.  I’m happy that on that morning, I’m the one who happened upon it.  I’m humbled that I took a chance on an unwanted and it made this exquisite connection between my kids and me.  I thank God and fate for this experience, because it has been beautiful.

If you haven’t read Adventures in Dollhouse Decorating: Part 1, I share how I almost let the trash truck take it.  I actually drove away from it thinking it was too big of a challenge.  As if.  Is there such a thing?  Sure, it’s taken hours upon hours to clean it up and put it back together, but that has been the beauty of our journey.  Playing with your kids is a life experience that happens and is over too quickly.  You have a small window to connect with them while they are little and taking those opportunities are the most important, because they are gone in a flash.  Once they become more interested in friends and outside interests, they don’t want to sit in the floor and “play” imaginary, make-believe games anymore.  As heart-breaking as it is, they grow up and move on.  Making lasting memories and sharing meaningful connections are the gifts I want them to take with them when they go.

Oh My Gluestick dollhouse before

Here’s what we started with.  Isn’t she lovely?  Well, she really is.  Under all that 80’s stain, carpet, and wallpaper lies a gorgeous house where we have made memories.  She had great bones and most of her parts so putting her back together was exciting and fun.  Seriously, when I decided to keep her, I couldn’t stop my heart from beating out of my chest.  I was so excited and knew my little Princess would be too when she got home from school.

Dollhouse lower deck by Oh My Gluestick

This is the lower deck.  That bench was one of the first pieces I purchased for it.  In the beginning, we really didn’t have a rhyme or reason.  We liked what we liked and decorated as we saw fit and with what we had.

Dollhouse table and chairs by Oh My GluestickThe table and chairs were a purchase from Ebay in a dollhouse furniture lot.  We decided on the color palate we had in inventory.  I didn’t purchase any paint or many supplies for this project aside from a few well-priced lots of furniture and accessories here and there as we went.

Dollhouse planters by Oh My Gluestick

The planters were a mix of Burt’s Bees lip gloss tubes and wooden pieces I already had.  The plants were trimmed from artificial flowers I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  The tiny giraffe was a miniature I had in my shadowbox when I was a little girl.

Dollhouse upper deck by Oh My Gluestick

 The upper deck is still a work in progress.  I haven’t been able to find the top flat rail pieces to complete the deck rails all the way around.  For now, it is painted and still looks uniform, just lacking in safety for our imaginary people.

Upper deck doorway by Oh My GluestickWith a lattice made from sticks and wall décor from toilet paper rolls, the outside area of the doorway is set.

Upper deck seating by Oh My GluestickAround the corner a birdhouse from toothpicks and cardboard along with thrift store rocking chairs give a nice seating arrangement.

Dollhouse outside by Oh My Gluestick

 You’ve seen the outside, but just wait.  The inside is full of color and creativity.  I can’t wait to show you!  Until then.

Adventures in Dollhouse Decorating:  Part 1

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