Simple Fairy House Craft for Kids

I found this nativity set a few weeks ago and knew instantly what we were going to do with it.  The boy & I gathered a few supplies from our stash, picked up a couple of accessories from Hobby Lobby and went to work building our enchanted little fairy house. Princess and I built a little {Read More…}

Adventures in Dollhouse Decorating: Part 3

Welcome to our dollhouse home tour!  It’s been three years coming, but I am finally sitting down to share the renovation, decoration, and creation of our beloved dollhouse.  I have been putting off sharing the inside for quite some time, because we are forever changing, rearranging, and tweaking things and I guess that’s really how {Read More…}

Dollhouse Peg Dolls

It’s been a week since I showed you the little Alexander family of dollhouse wooden peg dolls I made.  Since then, the kids and I have cranked out a ton more.  We have been sitting down at the kitchen table with the little kit we put together and cranking these babies out.  It is both fun {Read More…}

“You’ve Been Booed!”

We are not the stealthiest family.  This year, we hand picked 5 of our most favorite families to Boo.  If you don’t know what being “Booed” means, you are missing out.  I, personally, enjoy doing the booing more, because I love ding dong ditching!  Enlisting my kids for this tradition is the best.  Watching them {Read More…}

Transformation Tuesday: DIY Peg Dolls

Welcome to Transformation Tuesday, a place where Monday’s junk is transformed into glammed up treasures.  Today’s transformation is different from my usual.  I’m not using Monday’s junk today.  Today, I am transforming little wooden pegs into dollhouse dolls.  I’d love to say I scored some on a junk run, but the truth is, I bought {Read More…}

Adventures in Dollhouse Decorating: Part 1

I’m a believer in fate, karma, miracles, and luck. What’s meant to be is meant to be.  On a beautiful March morning in 2012, I was about to experience one of the biggest cosmic alignment of the stars I’ve encountered to date. On the way home from dropping Princess off at school, I spotted it. {Read More…}

A Monster of a Valentine {FREE Package}

This year, I’ve got four little love monsters to cuddle and squeeze.  This time last year I didn’t even know that was a possibility.  If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I love my babies more than life itself. The big kids and I always joke, “I wanna hug your face!” so this year’s {Read More…}

YOU MIGHT BE A CRAFTER IF: 12 Signs You Might Be a Crafter

The other day, I noticed I was covered in glitter. Covered. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, because I had crafted with Princess earlier in the day. Clearly, I thought I had been a little neater. I looked like my former 22-year-old self who glittered up on purpose for a night on the town with {Read More…}

DIY Unicorn Head {Tutorial}

You know when you are shopping for a gift for a special someone and you want it to be perfect?  That’s what this project was like for me.  I originally saw it on Pinterest when I was putting together a room design for my Princess.  I knew she would adore it and wanted it to {Read More…}

Magical Tooth Fairy Door

Since my baby girl lost her first tooth, the magical world of tooth fairies has been a permanent fixture in our lives.  I have three more after her who will be venturing down the road of the toothless, and it is truly heartbreaking and riveting all at once.  I remember when they were babies smiling {Read More…}