Chairish Design Challenge: My Dream Office

Our family is currently in the middle of what we fondly call “The Great Purge of 2015”.  It’s been intense, frustrating, and invigorating all at once.  We are taking back our home and space while eliminating clutter and becoming better organized.  On paper, this sounds super easy, but this movement has challenged me to really think about what I’m saving, making over, and picking up.  It has not, however, stopped me from window shopping and storing my favorites in my icloud photostream and Pinterest, for inspiration as well as referencing pieces I may be able to work in later.

Last week, Holly from Chairish reach out and challenged me to window shop while putting together a design board of my favorite pieces.  Hello!  How did she know this is my salvation and way of shopping without actually physically shopping!?  This is my process.  If you follow me on Facebook, I am virtually shopping with you and showing you a ridiculous amount of pictures of all things fabulous.  Yes, I immediately went to work on this challenge and found it ever so difficult to narrow things down on a site that specializes in the buying and selling of vintage furniture.  Be still my heart.  It’s like shopping all of those fun antique shops, junk shows, and estate sales from the comfort of my pjs in my very own living room.

Because I don’t have an office and dream about the space constantly, I decided to design my style board around the office of my dreams.  Of course, it would match my funky and eclectic tastes with a flare for rustic, drama and glam all in one.

chairish style board

1. French Chandelier.  Yum and yes please!  I need this in my life.  I have a serious obsession with chandeliers and not a single place to hang one.

2. Vintage Architectural Blueprints.  I want!  I think it would be the sweetest thing to have the blueprints of our own home framed, so that one day when we move we have the blueprints of our very first nest, the place that started and saw everything from our very first Christmas together as a couple, to us bringing home each of our four children.  I’ve been on the hunt for our own, but until then I wouldn’t mind hanging up a vintage set.

3. Vintage Space Heater Desk Lamp.  This is a ball of rusty coolness.  I love the shape, texture and feel of this old space heater turned lamp.  The scalloping on the base makes me drool as it takes something industrial and sharp and gives it a feminine touch.

4. Blue Mechanic Industrial Shelving. I have a serious problem and major fascination with cubbies.  These are my jam and I must have them!  Everything about this piece is perfect from the plethora of little nooks to store my junk to the color.  It dreamily boasts the most gorgeous shade of blue and features just the right amount of age and distressing.  Yes.  I would trade my new couch for this piece.  Just kidding.  Or am I?

5.  Apothecary Typewriter.  I passed up one of these a while back at a cute little this and that shop.  I’ve been kicking myself ever since.  No office for a blogger and lover of all things vintage would be complete without an old typewriter.  If we could get this in turquoise, my life would be made.

6.  Tractor Writing Table.  I must have this.  I can’t imagine life without it.  If the heavens opened up and dropped this at my doorstep, I would die happy.  A regular old block of wood with drawers is boring.  This, this is a statement and it says, “I’m a big freaking piece of awesome.”

7.   Metallic Gold Cowhide Rug.  Cowhides aren’t usually in my scope of wants, but this one is gold metallic.  Gold. Metallic.  I just don’t think there’s a reason to go on trying to explain myself with this pick.

8.  Wire Crate with Glass Cream Bottles.  Two of my favorite loves in decorating are metal and glass.  I love old crates and old bottles, but together as a set like this would make a gorgeous display of vases with flowers or a great little indoor herb garden.  The possibilities are endless.

9.  Mid Century Leather Chair.  This is the perfect client chair in my little dream office.  I can see lots of consultations happening here as well as me curling up with a book when the house is quiet.  Ha!  Yeah, that is a dream.  This house is never quiet and on the rare occasion it is, I’m lost.

I’m gaga for this room.  I got to meld all of my favorite elements; wood, rust, metal, glass, sparkle, bold, and shimmer.  These pieces are seriously just a few of the many, many, many gorgeous vintage furniture and accessories I found on Chairish.  My favorite part about this site, aside from the unique pieces I can actually see in my home, is free shipping on loads of items and local pickup for pieces in your area.  Oh. My. Word.  I searched through Texas and found myself mentally rearranging and purging just to make room for what I found.  It’s dangerous, but deeply satisfying on the “I just want all the pretty things” level.

I challenge you not to fall in love with Chairish.

Until next time!






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