Confessions of a Diehard Junker: Part 1

Hello, my name is Tommie and I am a junker.  By the time you scroll through these pictures, you may decide I am a hoarder, and that’s ok.  I embrace my hoardish tendencies and realize they are just tendencies.  I actually get very overwhelmed when it gets to this point and will go on a rampage purging left and right.  Behold, the purge is near.

Sharing this publically is a little embarrassing, I admit, but here goes.  Behold.  This is our garage as of yesterday.  It’s at capacity and the junk spilleth over into the driveway.  I can actually close the doors, but for the purposes of this post, I am letting you in on my dirty little secret.

Garage mess

How did it get this way, you ask?  Well, let me take you on my journey…

My husband, God love him, is perfect for me.  From the beginning, we were madly in love with each other.  He knew I had some kooky ideas, serious creative desires, and a dash of crazy nutball thrown in for good measure.  He embraced these traits and loved (loves) me anyway.  I wasn’t always the crazy curbside shopper that I am now.  In fact, just today we were reminiscing about how clean, organized, and clear our garage was just a few years ago.  I remember when I first got started dragging stuff home.   I started collecting pieces for a local resale shop that puts 100% proceeds back in to the community.  It was my weekly mission.  I preached to all who would listen not to throw stuff away, but to instead let me pick it up and donate it.  I went on like this for well over a year and was so passionate about my purpose with this ministry.  After a bit of burnout, I took a break.  The kids were getting bigger and our family needs were changing so I stopped hunting.

Garage mess

See that wall back there with all the shelves and boxes?  It used to be, that was all we had in terms of clutter and that was just holiday stuff.  It has since grown into the beast it is today.  I mean, who has chairs hanging from their garage ceiling?  I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I started little by little dragging things home for me to “have my way with it.”  At first, I was repurposing just for our home.  I look around {in our clean and organized house} and see treasure after treasure that I brought home and lovingly gave new life and purpose.  But soon, the garage started filling up with projects faster than I could handle and I collected what I call “an inventory”.  Overwhelmed, I purged so much, sending things on to charity but eventually gave in to my weakness letting it take over our garage.  It was an addicting outlet and super hard to stop.  I could rationalize the hunt, because if I picked anything up, it was free and technically, I was saving it from a landfill anyway.  Plus, if I ended up not being able to use it, I’d just donate.  There’s a high associated with scoring a really cool piece of free furniture, and so it went.  Curb shopping has become my drug and I am a full-on junky {junker}.  I have been a user for at least three years, now.

This junky road has taken me to some pretty cool places, though.  I’ve met some really interesting people who have similar interests, I’ve filled up room after room {not just my house} with super cool finds, and I’ve compounded my loves of restoration and graphic design to make my mark in this world.  When things get too heavy, I can always count on my junky counterparts to come and take some of the load.  I’m blessed.  I am the kind of girl who wins the lotto or even a raffle, but I am the girl who scored big in love, life, and more projects than I can shake a stick at.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where the gloves come off and I just show it all.  Every nook and cranny.





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