Confessions of a Diehard Junker: Part 2

We are half way to the weekend and “the purge is upon us!” my Hubbs so excitedly shouts.  It’s true.  Another purge is coming and my people should get ready.  I can already see things that are not going to make the cut.  We have agreed {against my gut} to get a storage unit.  We discussed the need to take back the house and garage and give it a purpose that makes sense.  I desperately need a workspace and we really need to be able to see the floor of the garage again.  There are pieces we are saving for our next house that are too special to part with, but we just don’t have space to keep them here.

Freeing up space in the garage is going to be easy, but keeping it clean is going to be my challenge.  I also worry that our storage space will quickly take shape of our current situation.  The unit is huge, but I can already see the empty vessel full of our things, new and old.  Will we I be able to keep it organized?  How long will we keep this unit?  These are the things I am currently worried about, but I am SO freaking excited to take charge and get rid of stuff again.  If this is the way for me to get organized and let go of stuff, so be it.

Yesterday, I showed you a peek inside the chaos.  Today, I am prepared to show it all to you.  Every last bit.  Hold on to your pants, it’s about to get real.

Garage mess ohmygluestick.comThis is the only space we have to walk through from the driveway to the fridge in here to put up groceries.  This makes Hubbs insane with irritation.  Sorry, Hubbs.

Garage mess ohmygluestick.comHere, I win “worst mother ever” award for piling up my poor kids’ toys in the tiniest possible space at the front of this mess.  They, of course, can’t access these without my help.  By the weekend this will be a different scenario.

Garage mess ohmygluestick.comI know it doesn’t look like it here, but this is actually organized in a logical manner.  Sort of.  Ok, I know where my crap is, but that’s about it for organization.  I am ashamed of myself.

Garage mess

See?  Organized.  There are logistical stacks.  Just.  Whatever, man.  It’s about to be undone.

Garage mess ohmygluestick.comAnd, from the back to the front again.  I’m standing in the only aisle we can walk in.  I can’t wait to see my floor again!  And change the light bulb that’s been out for a few months.

Now that you’ve seen my dirty little secret, I hope you’ll come back to see what it looks like once we haul off, get rid of, and organize the chaos.



If you missed the story about how this came to be, check out Part 1.


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