Dollhouse Peg Dolls

It’s been a week since I showed you the little Alexander family of dollhouse wooden peg dolls I made.  Since then, the kids and I have cranked out a ton more.  We have been sitting down at the kitchen table with the little kit we put together and cranking these babies out.  It is both fun and relaxing.

My sweet neighbors just had a baby and I could not resist making a little family for them to celebrate their growing family.

Dollhouse family  They are such a cute little family and I got super excited to make them a personalized gift that told their sweet story.

Dollhouse family

Last Christmas, he proposed to her at a staged jui jitsu tournament.  He had his opponent pinned down while his unsuspecting girlfriend stood behind him looking on.  He lifted up the back of his gi where the words “Taylor, Will you marry me?” were sewn in.  I couldn’t help but create his doll in likeness with a gi where on the back a message to them “Taylor + Josh 4 Eva!”.  I’ve noticed her in this light teal color on special occasions, so her doll was mimicked around this concept.  Baby girl is swaddled and sporting a little baby cap.

Dollhouse family ohmygluesick.comI packaged the little set up and the kids and I took it over.  I was humbled by how much they liked it, commenting on all the little details I was careful to put in.

Dollhouse peg people ohmygluestick.comI definitely want to do more sets of families!  Maybe Christmas gifts…

We are also decorating the dollhouse for Halloween, so I could not resist making these dolls in theme.

Dollhouse Halloween dolls ohmygluesick.comNow, the kids want all holiday dolls.  I don’t think that will be a problem.  =)

Dollhouse Halloween dolls

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