Finders Keepers: Vintage frame transformed to Magnet board

I found this awesome vintage frame leaned up against some boxes awaiting it’s destiny with the trash truck.  It was divine intervention, I am convinced, as I was on my way to drop off a donation to the community center.  Here was my karmatic reward and I seized it immediately noticing it’s potential. 

 The frame is all wood with layers of decorative carved pieces and lined with a canvas cover center.  That part I wanted to keep.  The rest needed work.  First, I taped off the canvas and the inside green portion and painted the outer part a gorgeous charcoal color.  When that dried, the green was transformed to light teal with a little paint and all was finish off with dark stain to antique it.  (I was too excited and in the “zone” to document my painting steps through poor photography)

 Tay helped me with the metal backdrop that would be the magnet attraction.  This was another “treasure” found curbside.  It was a huge metal auto drip pan and fit perfectly in the back of my ride.  The only thing to do with it was cut it down with tin snips and “texture” it.  Tay used a stainless steel scour pad and moved in a circular motion over the whole thing to make it shiny and lustrous. 

 Prior to her 6-year-old little helping hands digging in, all sharp sides needed to be tapped up to keep from hurting my precious baby.  Thank you masking tape.
 And away she goes….
 Once the desired look was achieved, mama turned the finished frame over and used her trusty staple gun to attach that sucker to the back.

Then, hung on the wall under the counter for some kid level fun.
This is ideal for us as it helps tutor the kids on spelling and entertains the baby.  Our fridge is stainless, but not magnetic.

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