Free Legos!

That’s right.  Free Lego’s.  How do you ask?  I suppose I was at the right place at the right time.  We were coming home from dinner and passed a house that was clearly in the process of moving.  As in, they were loading furniture and clothes in to a moving truck as fast as they could.  Apparently, they had some items they weren’t taking with them and placed them on the curb since the next day was trash pick up.  I saw a big red Lego’s container and made hubby stop.  I opened the container and it was half full.  Half full!  Hundreds of dollars worth of tiny Lego’s were up for grabs placed in the trash and I did what any good mother would do.  I grabbed.  We have just started collecting the tiny Lego’s to my dismay.  The kids and hubby love them, but they are SO tiny and I worry about the baby getting his little hands on them but can’t deny the other two, so I digress.  I brought home the container and immediately submerged everything in warm soapy water.  The kids were chomping at the bit to play with them.  There were gobs of Star Wars characters in that bucket and they could hardly contain themselves (we are big Star Wars fans in this house). 

I wonder why so many people absently toss things on to the curb for trash.  In our neighborhood, there really is no good excuse for it.  There is a Good Will drop off directly across the street from our subdivision.  Don’t get me wrong!  I have benefited greatly many times from curbside finds.  This very house offered up a six piece teak wood patio set, because they didn’t have room for it.  Yeah, I took it!  I’m a crafter and repurposer.  Not to mention my kids love the stuff I stumble across: Air hockey table (that full on works), an expensive dollhouse, mini trampoline, said Lego’s, bouncy house, etc.  Things we can’t or won’t use, I donate them to various charities depending on what the items are.  I just can not watch the garbage trucks take and crush gently used items that could benefit another family.  My favorite charities are The Women’s Shelter, The Jesus Center, and Resale With a Purpose.

This list hangs on the pantry door at our house.  I donate twice a month and refer to the list to see which charity would benefit more by the items I have to give.  The kids are always cleaning our their toys and telling me which ones they think would benefit someone else.  I am always (seriously, always going through our closets, pantry, etc to declutter and find things we have in excess to pass on.  I’m a collector of goods and rescuer of the unwanted.  My mission is to help others in need in some shape or form.  I think it’s important for our children to understand that there are so many without and that they should have the desire and compassion to help.

I’m also a huge fan of keeping things from our landfills.  Furniture and home goods that can be passed on to others is serving a much greater fate than that of piling up with garbage.  I could furnish a neighborhood of homes in the course of a year with the items I come across.  It kills me when I can’t fit something in our vehicle and have to let the trash truck take it.  If you aren’t aware of Freecycle, go check it out!  People list things they have that they don’t want (for free) and also post things they are in need of (for free).  The purpose of Freecycle is to pass on gently used items and to keep them from our ever growing landfills.  “Don’t throw it away, give it away” is their motto and a good one to live by in my opinion.

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