From drastic to fantastic: Coffee table makeover

 We found this old coffee table in our ‘hood waiting for it’s destiny with the trash truck.  It had definitely seen better days and had possibly (no) definitely had been enjoyed by the previous owner’s pets.  Hubby pointed out the corners as he graciously loaded it for me.  I think he had some doubts, but I had none.  I knew I could fab up this sad, neglected table.  I just loved the shape and the hardware and couldn’t pass this one up.

I started with my favorite and most frequently used products:
1.  Sander with heavy grit and fine grit sand paper
2.  BEHR Premium Plus Primer and Paint in One (custom cream color)
3.  Mixwax Dark Walnut Stain
4.  Mixwax Fast Drying Polyurethane

1.  First, I took out the drawers and removed the hardware. 
2.  Then, I sanded the heck out of this sucker with my sander.  Especially, those horrible corners.
3.  Next, I wiped it clean with a dry cloth and added two coats of the BEHR paint. 
4.  Once that was dry, I took some fine grit sand paper and hand sanded all the corners and edges. 
5.  I applied a small bit of the dark walnut stain and immediately wiped it off to give it a worn look.
6.  After that dried, I covered the whole thing in the polyurethane to seal it. 
7.  Once dry, I reattached the drawer pulls.

I love the way it turned out.  Can you believe those corners!?



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