Funky old chairs

AFTER chairs with watermark A while back, I passed up a stack of three outdoor kids’ chairs.  They were ugly and in serious need of a makeover, but were the perfect size for my littles.  My middle little’s chair was just crushed by a tree branch during a storm, so I circled back around and snagged them.  We used them for a bit until I just couldn’t stand it anymore and decided “Today’s the day these things get a makeover”. BEFORE with watermark

The kids picked our their colors and within a couple of hours they were ready for their debut.  Of course the little people proudly sat in them immediately.  My littlest had just gotten out of the pool and was running around without his clothes when he sat down in his freshly painted, citrus green chair.  When he got up, it was obvious that there may have been small pools of paint that hadn’t quite dried yet because it was stuck to his little bootie.  I’ll spare you that shot, though my friends were sent a “moon” picture that day.PAINT with watermark

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