Get Naked!

With three little ones, naked bodies are not only plentiful in our home but also enjoyed.  Those sweet little cheeks jiggling as they run to the bath tub makes me gush.  “I made them!” I think to myself with utter and joyous love in my heart.  Recently, I saw on Pinterest a photograph of a bathtub with the words “get naked” on it.  I decided right then and there that I would make this happen in our kids’ bathroom.  I finally got my wish last week.  Here’s how I did it in less than $10 in under 30 minutes:

1.  I used my Cricut to cut the letters out of black vinyl using the Cuttin Up cartridge. 
2.  The vinyl was left over from another project though I had purchased the whole package from    Walmart for $9. 
3.  I cut the letters out all lower case as 4 inch letters.
4.  Next, I removed the letters from the cutting matt.  Note: This step would have been easier if I had used transfer tape for this project, but I didn’t have any so I carefully removed the letters and painstakingly removed everything else after the project was complete.
5. I took a crayon, a yardstick, and a leveler in to the bathroom.  I held the yardstick up to the tub where I wanted to place the letters and used the leveler to make it even.  Then I used the crayon to make a nice big line.
6.  Using my crayon line as guide, I started placing the letters.
7.  Once they were all nice and neat, I used a wooden craft stick to get out any bubbles.
8.  Then, I took a dry tissue and rubbed off the crayon.
9.  Voila!  All done.
10.  Bathed one of the monkeys and could not resist the photo op!


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