Girl Scout Cookies {Free Printable}

girl scout forms free printable

It’s cookie time at our house. As in, Girl Scout cookie time. If you have a scout in your home, you know how important these fund raisers are for your group. People either love the cookies (or popcorn for Boy Scouts which we were introduced to this year with Buddy) and bug you all year long asking, “Is it cookie time yet!?” or they avoid you at all cost. I don’t push my kids to be cutthroat in this area. They do pretty well from our sweet neighbors and dear friends who want to support their goals and who are genuinely invested in my kids. These are the people I keep a little list of and don’t mind sending a quick text or email asking for their continued support. I know they will not think twice about paying $4 for a box of cookies to help my girl out. Because honestly, I hate sales (oxymoron for a girl with a small business, I know) and the jerks who are rude to you or your kid when politely asked  if they’d like to buy. Which in turn, makes me feel like a jerk for not knowing better to avoid them.  Luckily, we’ve dealt mostly with the loveliest of people who are excited to support a great organization and have no issue spending a little cash on some serious cookie crack. I for one, am probably my daughter’s biggest supporter!

Last year, I created a little printable that helped keep our sales straight and also helped me to keep that list I was talking about.

If you have a Girl Scout this year and want a cute free printable to help you organize, click here to download and print. Easy peasy.


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    I am excited to try the new gluten free cookies this year. But I’ll be honest I do not look forward to every grocery store door blocked by aggressive sellers. Years ago sales tables were not at the door, and we the buyer approached table, not had door blocked and girls screaming. Just saying that’s how it has become in my area. But I do support girl scouts, it’s just the usual story of a few bad apples….. Ruining things. Good luck with your sales!!

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