If only you really knew…

tent watermarkYesterday at my monthly baby check up, my sweet OBGYN asked me if my house was perfect with everything in its place.  I almost peed myself from laughing so hard.  Seriously.  Bless her!  After I composed myself, I filled her in on what a hot mess my house everything really is.  When she replied that I really seem to have it together, I couldn’t help but thank her and then immediately pat myself on the back for putting on such a great façade.  While I wish I was the girl who lives by the motto, “never let ’em see you sweat,” I’m the first to admit things are far from perfect at my house.  I like organization and order, but those things come at a price with little ones.  If I want an immaculate house, we have to be gone from it 98% of the day, only sleeping on top of our covers and never eating here.  As I write this from our living room couch, I’m facing a dome-shaped camping tent from our indoor camping night with s’mores bars crumbs strewn about.  Yes, I like things put together and can get us there for about 20 minutes a day.  In those 20 minutes of neat tidiness, I sit down with a glass of iced tea and pursue my Pinterest boards prioritizing which new project is going to clutter up my freshly cleaned countertops.

We are an on-the-go, always-in-to-something busy family with little kids.  I’m a free spirit crafter with ADD when it comes to focusing on just one project.  We are about to start school, hit up Disney World, and welcome a new baby in to our rapidly growing family.  Perfection isn’t in the order of which are lives are kept {or in our case unkempt}, it’s in the way we make our memories together as a family.  We are perfection when we are together, even if it’s the boys screaming at the top of their lungs and me trying to match their tenor but yelling at them to keep it down.  Perfection is when they are asleep and the house is blissfully quiet, but I can’t mask the uncontrollable urge to go wake them for extra snuggles and cuddles because I miss them so much it feels like my heart will burst.  Perfection is when our three babies inch as close as they can together under the same blanket and read to each other, because despite how much they drive each other bonkers, they love each other even more.

Yes, my house is a disaster, my mind is always on, and we have more family drama than anyone really deserves.  It’s awesome  to hear that it’s not as apparent as I thought.  I’m happy it doesn’t show on my face when I feel like it would be so obvious if you just looked at me.  I just assume everyone can tell we have insane extended family issues, laundry piled as high as the ceiling, and unmade beds.  Hearing someone actually thinks I have it together is music and the biggest complement I don’t deserve.  I’m a normal human mother with profound love for my kids, mad passion for my husband, and the strongest desire to enjoy our little moments for as long as we can extend them.  I think life in general is a hot mess, but it’s how you sort the mess that makes it worth living.

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