Instant Porcelain Craft!

I was in the garage the other day when I spotted a glass whiskey bottle I have been holding on to “just in case”. I thought it was the bottle’s day to shine. Literally. This was an ordinary looking glass bottle that transformed to beautiful white porcelain right before my eyes.

My husband needs to hurry and drink more liquor that comes in pretty bottles. I don’t think he will argue.

I always have white and black spray paint around for those moments I become stricken with the desire to craft. Krylon is my favorite.
The bottom design was gorgeous painted! The flower just showed up when painted. It would have looked better had I not gotten impatient and put it down wet on the sand. Not my finest moment.

I added a little french accent to go with a new theme I’m working on. It turned out beautiful. Even my husband commented on it when he got home. I didn’t think he’d even notice it. 😉

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