Junky Monday Roundup

Welcome to Junky Monday Roundup. Here is where I dish on the best junky finds after a trip to my favorite shopping place. The curb. One man’s trash is this chic’s treasure and I’m bringing it to you every week. Stick around until Transformation Tuesday to see how I glam the stuff up.

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last roundup.  I’ve been trying to clear out projects before taking more in.  This week, I stumbled across a few things I just couldn’t let get crushed by the trash trunk.  Here we go!



1.  Panneled doors:  These didn’t work out for someone, but all I see is potential!  There are two.  I see chalkboard paint in the future for one to create a daily calendar.  The other, maybe a photo collage?  Just because they were once doors on a built-in, doesn’t mean they have only that purpose in life.
2. An old wooden mirror frame & some grate thingy: The frame will be painted and get a chicken wire makeover to make a message board.  The grate I can see mounted to a piece of wood to hang tools, photos, craft bits & bobs, etc.
3.  Poor little wooden snowman:  There’s a sweet little message from “mom” on his head under his hat.  How you gonna do that to your mama!?  He just needs a little love is all.
4.  Pretty ceramic pumpkin & gorgeous storage box:  These are perfect as is and will find a place in my home immediately.
5.  Hubbs found this chest and quietly brought it home.  He never said a word, but there it was waiting for me in the driveway when I opened the door the next morning.  It’s solid, wood, and perfect, once I add a back to it.  I seriously dig a good storage/functional piece, though I will probably pass this one on once I’ve fixed and painted it.
6.  Pretty planter:  I usually don’t pick up planters unless they are unique and catch my eye as this one did.  I think it’d be pretty draped with bright green & purple potato vines since we still have a little more left in our warm season.
7.  Old metal setee: I haven’t been super excited and had those feelings about a piece in a while, but I saw this and I got all kinds of giddy.  It’s in great shape and only needs a few nuts & bolts replaced.  She’s SO pretty.
8.  Fancy frame:  Now, why people throw out a good frame is beyond me, though I never have a problem picking them up.  They are so versatile!
9.  A few sets of feet & pedestals: Even if the furniture is in ruins, I will check out the feet to see if they are worth salvaging.  Don’t those cute little tiny ones look like pumpkins?  Really, these can be incorporated or repurposed into anything.  The large iron ones; shelf supports.  The skinny retro ones; great bottoms to an old drawer.  The fat round ones; remove the hardware, paint, and add a candle on top.

It never matters what a thing starts its life out as.   What’s fun and interesting is finding another use for it to prolong that life.

That’s it for this week’s roundup. Can’t get enough junk? Check out past roundups here. Until next time.



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