Junky Monday Roundup

Welcome to Junky Monday Roundup. Here is where I dish on the best junky finds after a trip to my favorite shopping place. The curb. One man’s trash is this chic’s treasure and I’m bringing it to you every week. Stick around until Transformation Tuesday to see how I glam the stuff up.

It’s my first junk of the new year!  I took the holidays off to enjoy my beautiful family, to work on handmade Christmas gifts and to complete a painting job I was hired for.  I am just now getting back in my groove, but trying to go slowly and be thoughtful with my picks.  It’s the time of year where everyone’s busy making and fulfilling resolutions, so lots of people are tossing out old which is the perfect time for me to find an abundance of junk.  Since my cup already runneth over, I need to be selective.

Junky Monday hutch ohmygluestick.comI was on my way to the pediatrician’s office after dropping the big kids off at school when I came across this hutch.  It was beautiful.  And heavy.  And huge.  It had water damage to the bottom and the paint was chipping off in bits.  It was super gorgeous and a dream to fix up, but it wasn’t a realistic find for me to snag.  The garage is still packed and the driveway is still home to the gorgeous wingback chair Hubbs brought me months ago, that I just can not get the nerve up to recover.  As much as I would have loved to drag this piece home, I was not about to rearrange the car seats and strollers in 32 degree weather to see if it would fit in the back of the minivan.  Instead, I pulled out my drill and snagged all the doors.  They are so pretty and will make gorgeous wall art of message boards.  I’m giddy with excitement over the possibilities.

Junky Monday chairs ohmygluestick.comAs I headed out and turned the corner, I saw matching chairs by their garbage cans.  Blasted!  I wanted those too, but, again, it was freezing and at this point I was pressed for time to get Cupcake to the doctor.  I hope someone found them and gave them a good home.

As I made my way out of the neighborhood, I snagged a small solid wood shelf, a couple of great boards to hand letter some signs, and stack of peg boards.  Oh, the riches!

One man’s trash, is this chic’s treasure and today I am a rich girl.

That’s it for this week’s roundup.







Can’t get enough junk? Check out past roundups here. Until next time.



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