Junky Monday Roundup

Welcome to Junky Monday Roundup. Here is where I dish on the best junky finds after a trip to my favorite shopping place. The curb. One man’s trash is this chic’s treasure and I’m bringing it to you every week. Stick around until Transformation Tuesday to see how I glam the stuff up. If you’ve been following lately, you know we are on a huge purge.  Huge!  It’s not just a purge, but a reorg and reclaiming the space that should be usable, livable, and nice to look at.  I joke about our situation looking Sanford and Sonish, but that’s not far off and really not attractive.  I’ve started being more selective with my picks asking myself: 1.  Do I really want to make this piece over or will it just take up space until I curb or donate it? 2. What will this piece be used for? 3. Is this worth storing until I can get to it? Chances are, if I’m not excited and heart pounding when I score it, I don’t need it.  I have more than enough to last me the next couple of years.  I have a slew of tiny people who need my time and energy, so stuff will have to wait until some time is freed up.  I’m a junker and a hoarder, but I refuse to let this part of my personality take over everything.  The purge is still upon us and I can not wait to show you what our garage and driveway looks like now!   That is a post for another day as the reveal is not quite ready.

Mid Century Wild Table:Mid Century painted side table ohmygluestick.com

This week, I am featuring three pieces.  The first is 50 shades of cray, for sure with it’s 50 shades of wild colors and shapes.  It’s a cute little mid century side table that will look gorgeous once I get in there and tone it down.  Because it’s so out there, all I can think to do is go the complete and total opposite to see what this little number could look like with my touch.  Until then, here’s the whole thing.  Every single side was lovingly hand painted by someone who was unafraid of color and statement. Mid Century painted side table ohmygluestick.com Mid Century painted side table ohmygluestick.com

Mid Century painted side table ohmygluestick.comVintage Dresser:

First, let’s address the elephant in the room.  This. Dresser. Is. Gorgeous!  Those lines, that shape and those pulls!  It is straight up my love language and it smells SO good.  I’m serious.  It sounds weird, but I love the smell of old wood. Not that mothball musty stink, but an actual wood smell.  It reminds me of my Gran’s furniture and it comforts me.  It’s not lost on me that this piece is severely damaged on the top, but I’d rather try than let it be ripped apart by the trash compressor.   The sound of wood splintering  is haunting.  If all else fails, the drawers are in amazing shape and can be saved.Vintage dresser ohmygluestick.com  Vintage dresser ohmygluestick.com

Vintage dresser ohmygluestick.com

Vintage dresser ohmygluestick.comPeg Board:

Peg board ohmygluestick.comI always finds ton of these babies and snag then when they are in great shape.  This one already has a framed back and is ready to hang when I get my new workspace together in the garage.  Aside from the garage, these are versatile little pieces that can be painted any which way and hung in a slew of spots for various types of organization.  Think kitchen utensils, kids art supplies, a diapers and wipes station, the list goes on.  Next time you see one, you probably won’t pass it up either.

That’s it for this week’s roundup.  One man’s trash, is this chic’s treasure and today I am a rich girl.







Can’t get enough junk? Check out past roundups here. Until next time.



  1. 1
    linda palmer says:

    don’t do anything to that colorful dresser but clean it a little. it’s gorgeous!! i’d buy it as is!

  2. 2

    i have one similar to that & I need to see what & how you will remake this!

  3. 3

    OMG I LOVE THAT LITTLE CRAZY COLORED DRESSER! I’m sorry for shouting. I love it THAT MUCH.

    It’s so wonderfully garish and zany.

    By any chance whatsoever, could you be convinced not to redo it, but to give/sell that poor mutt it to a loving home? Meeee!?

  4. 4

    Oh I just found out you are in Houston, from another post. I WILL COME GET THIS. Seriously. I’m in Austin.

    Show it on your blog and they will come. Well. I will come. Next weekend.

    Seriously. As anything. I will even help pay ‘vet bills’ for this gorgeous lil mongrel. I love him THAT MUCH. =)

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