Junky Monday Roundup


photoWelcome to Junky Monday Roundup.  Here is where I dish on the best junky finds after a trip to my favorite shopping place.  The curb.  One man’s trash is this chic’s treasure and I’m bringing it to you every week.  Stick around until Transformation Tuesday to see how I glam the stuff up.  Let’s get to the junk!  This week I found:

Today’s roundup is awesomesauce.  I found some great stuff and it seemed like the theme is my favorite kind.  Wood.  Here’s the skinny:

1.  Wood.  Yeah, this is the good stuff and it was free.  Why people throw away great pieces of good wood is beyond me, but I get to snag it and, so for me, it’s a nice score.  These great bits will make fabulous signage.  Yay!

2.  An old mirror was on its way to the trash as I made my way home Saturday evening.  I stopped and asked the sweet woman if I could have it, professing my love of junk and showing her my card so she’d know I was legit and not some crazy trash lady.  Which I am.  Anyway, she gladly handed it over as well as #8 and made me an offer on #7 that I couldn’t refuse.  This item will make a great chalkboard.  It’s the perfect size and components.

3.  “Why yes, sweet little side table, I’d love to take you home,” I said as I passed her on the street.  Refab redo to come.  Dreaming of a color as we speak.

4.  More wood.  These are framed out and ready for me to get busy with paint and to repurpose into burlap pin boards.  Yep.  I was giddy over such a cool find.

5.  When you can’t take the couch, take the super cool, wooden pedestals.  They will come in handy later on some fun thing or another.

6.  Another awesome bed, complete with the rails and slats.  I saw her going to the curb last night and again stopped, handed off my card and professed my love of junk.  The woman still might have thought I’m crazy, but was sweet enough to let me take this beauty off her hands.  I have plans for this one.  Mwahahahaha. *e  vil laugh*

7.  This desk.  Oh, this desk.  The sweet lady who gave me the mirror told me about a desk that was her husband’s when he was a boy.  “His childhood desk,” she called it.  He had recently passed away and she and her son were trying to clean out the garage.  She offered the desk to me for $20.  I was delighted and promised that the desk would have a permanent home in our house.  I can’t imagine letting go of such a special piece after having heard her tell me the story of her husband’s sentimental attachment to it.  I will now carry that attachment and am honored to live with a story piece.  Items with a history are my favorite kind.

8.  Who doesn’t need a step stool?  Yep.  This one is just for function and I’m cool with that.


What did you score this week?  Until next time.




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