Junky Monday Roundup


Welcome to Junky Monday Roundup.  Here is where I dish on the best junky finds after a trip to my favorite shopping place.  The curb.  One man’s trash is this chic’s treasure and I’m bringing it to you every week.  Stick around until Transformation Tuesday to see how I glam the stuff up.  Let’s get to the junk!  This week I found:

This week’s junk is awesome. But, lets face it. I’m never disappointed. The Junk Gods are good and apparently feel I am worthy to accept their bounty. Yeah, um that’s crazy talk. I just have a knack for finding great trash.


1. Solid wood dresser: This one’s a great size and has good bones even though it’s missing two drawers. I’ll turn the top two sections into shelves and keep the drawers on the bottom. Not sure what color yet. It has told me what it wants to be.

2. Laura Ashley pitcher: Cute little bud vase as is.

3. Doll cradle: I saw this and my heart started beating super fast. Two guys were cleaning out their garage as I drove by. I saw this beauty on a trash heap at the curb and jumped out to ask if I could have it. They both stared at me like I was nuts and told me everything was trash. Um, not everything dude. Not to me. All it needs is a base and a coat of paint. It will make a little girl and her dolls very happy.

4. Hot wheels tracks: This was a Hubby score. I sent him to pick up the dresser with his truck and he spotted these. He’s so cute and is totally, now, a bonafide junker wether he likes it or not.

5. Wooden bench: everything about this bench is in perfect condition. Er, except the top which is an easy least fix. I want to do a planked top and multi color distressed finish. I need a cute little perch in the front while the kids are riding their bikes. This will be just the ticket.

6. Shepherd’s hook: Another find by Hubbs. I would have missed it had he not pointed it out. We just bought two of these this weekend, but they are such awesome hooks for solar lanterns, buckets of mosquito spray, etc.

7. Solid wood desk: This piece wants to be turquoise. It told me so. It will be up for sale once the makeover is complete. It’s a heavy, sturdy, awesome piece that needs a good home.

8. Area rug: I’m so weird about these. Using other people’s rugs freak me out. Especially if pets are involved. However, I was just looking at Lowes for an outdoor area rug to our on the deck and it looked super similar. This one’s in awesome condition and since its not going in my house, I took it. I treated it with Borax to kill any critters, odor, etc that may be lurking inside.

9. Pennant light: Brass will be black and jewels will be added for extra pizzazz. I’m looking to hang it under our gazebo so thinking solar powered or fairy lights to replace electrical.

That’s this week’s Junky Roundup. Find anything awesome lately? Until next time.



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