Junky Monday Roundup

imageWelcome to Junky Monday Roundup.  Here is where I dish on the best junky finds after a trip to my favorite shopping place.  The curb.  One man’s trash is this chic’s treasure and I’m bringing it to you every week.  Stick around until Transformation Tuesday to see how I glam the stuff up.  Let’s get to the junk!  This week I found:

Nothing.  Technically, that’s not true or I wouldn’t have a post to share today.  What I mean is that I didn’t actively go junkin’ this weekend.  I have an insane amount of inventory right now and it’s spilling over into all aspects of my life.  I decided that for the great good of our house, garage, and husband’s sanity that I’d refrain this week.  However, me and junk are best friends and it always finds a way to make it’s way to me.

That gorgeous green plate rack was a neighbor’s.  She had a yard sale this weekend and I drooled over it, but decided not to buy it for the reasons I stated above.  Saturday afternoon, I came home to find it sitting in my driveway.  The sweetness!  I can’t tell you what that did for my heart and creative brain.

Yesterday, Hubby went to the store.  He took the two youngest so I could have some time and do “anything” I wanted to do.  It was bizarre and exhilarating to have a 2 hour chunk of time to get stuff done.  I have a keeper, y’all and he knows my love language and speaks it fluently.  He spotted the rest of the items and brought them home to me like a cat brings you a prize dead lizard.  He was excited and so proud of himself and for good reason.  Look at that steamer trunk!  I know the rush a find like that brings and I am so glad he got to experience it first hand.

That cute little side table with the magazine rack is so precious in person and who can’t use a plant stand in a pinch?

I love the junky goodness that made its way to me this weekend and love my sweet (Junker) husband all the more.  Whether he realizes it or not, his truck makes him an automatic Junker and he definitely has the eye.

Have you scored any good finds lately? Until next time.



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