MUCH NEEDED Bathroom Makeover

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I’m preggers.  Yes, that needs to be a statement by itself.  What you should also know about me is that I am a crazy, crafty person that gets these fits ideas that just have to be executed right away before I lose my momentum and excitement.  When I’m pregnant, these fits ideas are magnified by one thousand and three.  Call it nesting, call it crafty, or call it crazy.  Any way you slice it, it’s me.  One day recently, I was hanging out with the kids in the living room when it suddenly occurred to me that I had a can of light blue paint just wasting away in the garage.  The kids’/guest bathroom has been in desperate need of attention for awhile, so I decided to attack it with the can of blue paint.  It was also about 4:30 in the afternoon, so I wanted to see if I could get it done before hubby got home and dinner was ready.  I’m telling you, crazy.

I was so wrapped up and in a hurry to get started and finished that I didn’t think to take a picture of “the before”, but let me paint you a picture.  The previous owners had apparently attempted to remove the wallpaper in the bathroom, but got bored or discouraged and decided to stop with big chunks of paper missing here and there.  Then, they went ahead and painted over everything with a nice neutral beige.  Clearly, the big chunks of missing paper showed through the faint, flat paint color so they decided to “distress” the walls by taking what could only have been a dark stain and dry brushing it over the issues.  It wasn’t terrible , it just wasn’t amazing either.  After purchasing this house, I made the most of it (with the least amount of money) and played on the color scheme with goldish toned shower curtain and window treatments.  They aren’t bad, they are just a little dated for my taste and not very welcoming for kids or guests.  So think goldish curtains with jacked-up, “distressed” walls.

I finished painting in record time and was wrapping up just as hubby got home.  It took him a minute before it actually registered that I had painted.  But when it did, good Lord, he hated it!  It was pretty blinding.  The blue was nice and worked perfectly for a small project I had originally purchased it for, but with the color of our tile, that much blue was just ick.  It looked like we were sitting in a cheap Cancun motel room.  After a week and a few dozen swatches, we finally almost agreed on the same color so I went out and purchased what I thought would look best wanted.  Excited for him to come home the day I finished painting,  I couldn’t wait for him to see that I had corrected my blue mistake.  As it turned out, he wasn’t crazy about this color either.  Fail.  To my credit, I hadn’t pulled in all the accessories and made everything mesh.  In fact, those gold curtains were still hanging and who could see any sort of vision with those still up (aside from my own crazy brain)?

Fast forward a few weeks and it’s all finally pulled together.  I’m not sure he’s ever going to be in love with it, but the kids dig it and I prefer to use it now because it’s just so darn pretty.  Not to mention, I’ve had so many compliments from guests (or they are just really happy to see that the hot mess has been changed up).  The next step is painting the cabinets.  They will be black and will really make those “Seal Rock” grey walls (Ace Hardware) pop.  I’m not so much in a hurry to get those done as my brain has moved on to over projects that I am currently excited about, so don’t hold your breath to see those pictures any time soon.



The view from the doorway (there’s just no way around a toilet shot when you’re showing off your bathroom makeover).  I’m loving the cardboard letters that spell “WASH”.  They were half off at Joanne’s.  I just spray painted them black and hung them with double sided Command mega tape.


The mirror shot shows more of that gorgeous shower curtain that most definitely makes this room.  I found it on a whim at The Home Goods Store for $15 and it has been my inspiration for this makeover.

get naked

I adore our “get naked” tub and show you how to make your very own HERE!


“Guest towels”.  Um, yeah.  We don’t really practice fancy towels that we can’t use ourselves.  I just wanted this look.  That’s a repurposed plate rack from Southern Living at Home that I’ve had for years and years (Obviously.  Southern Living at Home is now known as Willow House.)

jewelry shelf

Princess wanted a jewelry station similar to mine.  She’s only seven, but SO glad she’s over the hot pink Hello Kitty and cheesy ballerina jewelry boxes that clutter up the counters.  I too have a black shelf that houses most of my jewels.  It was originally a shelf that stored all my scrapbooking goods, but have since repurposed it for something I actually touch daily.  The shelf pictured is a super find from the clearance shelves of Hobby Lobby.  It was $17 and the knobs were 50% off.  It was originally exposed wood with giant black numbers stenciled on with ropes as handles.  With a quick little makeover, (click HERE to see the transformation) it became the beauty that it is now and fits perfectly in this space.  Really.  It was seriously the exact size for the space I wanted to put it.  I was super worried I’d end up hammering the mirror, that’s how close it is.

The little white frame was $2 from IKEA and the “hello gorgeous” print is an Oh My Gluestick original and can be downloaded for free HERE.


I’m in love with this bench.  I have been lusting over it for several months at Hobby Lobby, but could not bring myself to part with almost $100 for something my kids would just stand on anyway (our three littles use it as a stool to brush teeth).  Last week, I was there and thought I’d stroll by the aisle and pay it a visit.  When I saw it was half off, I grabbed it and hooked in on to the back of the stroller and headed for the checkout.  It’s mine now and was the last one.  Muahahahahahaha! (I’m sure other locations still have them).

 medicine cabinet

This black cabinet was built for me by my dear, sweet Granddaddy who is no longer with us.  He built it for me when I got my first apartment a lifetime ago to use as a medicine cabinet (and house all my hair products.  It was the 90’s after all).  It’s been many shades of crazy, but this is my favorite.  I wish I had a before shot, but I decided to refinish it on the anniversary of his death and was a little too wrapped up to grab my camera.  I used the original hardware he put on for me and it’s just perfect with this finish.


The giant key was a last minute find (Hobby Lobby) on the way to the register.  Someone had purged it before checking out, but when I saw it was a clearance item for $9 I knew it was coming home with me.  I had been searching for something to fill the space behind the door and this was just the key.



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