Please remove your shoes! DIY Tutorial for Sweet Little Feet shoe sign

 A couple of years ago, I created a sign to help me ask people to kick off their shoes without having to actually ask all the time.  I was about to have a new baby and though we have always enforced the rule in our house, there were always a few who needed reminding and it always stressed me out.
This year, I have the sweetest (set of three) feet in this house!  We did a little photo shoot out on the deck one gorgeous day and decided there was no way one of these photos would not hang in our home.  The picture of their little hands holding each other and tiny feet made me melt and had me on a mission to create a new reminder.  I remembered seeing a little poem that said what I wanted without sounding naggy and decided the two would collide to create a new and pretty door sign. 
The poem goes, “Little fingers touch our floor, please remove your shoes at the door”.  It sounds much better than, “Seriously, dude you’ve been here hundreds of times and watched my baby pick things off the floor and put them in his mouth.  God knows the junk that’s stuck to the bottom of those shoes,  Get ’em off before I loose it!”
Here’s how I made my sweet little feet sign. 
1.  I found an 8×11 beveled plaque at Walmart for under five bucks.  I printed out the photo where I had added a black background and the poem on matte photo paper. 
 2.  I spray painted the plaque black and let it dry outside.  It was too dark for a photo of this by the time it dried.

3.  Attach the photo with a layer of Mod Podge.  Once dry(ish as I am too impatient to wait for it to totally dry) add a layer of Mod Podge to the top of the photo. 

*Note:  Do not take your freshly printed photo and immediately Mod Podge over it.  You will be sorry.  Let the photo dry for a few hours first.

4.  Add a sheet of wax paper to the top of the photo once the top layer of Mod Podge has dried.  Take your credit card (or library card) and gently rub it back and forth.  This not only smooths out the bubbles, but it really adheres the photo to the board and makes it amazingly soft and smooth.  It looks like it’s part of the wood once it’s finished.

5.  Gently pull wax paper back to check for bubbles.  If there are any, simply put paper back on and rub again.

6.  Once you are sure there are no bubbles, set aside to dry overnight.  Check out how smooth and soft it is!

7.  I put the wax paper back on, smoothed once with card and let sit overnight.  I recommend not skipping this step.  Sealing the wax paper on overnight keeps the air out and prevents future forming bubbles.

8.  Once dry, it’s time to attach hooks to hang the sign from.  I happened to have a stash of eye hooks on hand, so that’s what I used for this project.

9.  Drill a small hole just enough to get the tip of the hook in and screw in the rest of the way until tight.  Honestly, I just eyeballed the placement of these, though you may want to measure them out. 
10.  Next attach your ribbon.  I love this burlappy stuff and had some on hand.  Once I tied a neat front double knot, I frayed the ends.

 11.  Now it’s time to hang on the door!

Goodbye old sign.  You were good to me and I thank you endlessly for helping me ask people nicely to remove their shoes.  I am ashamed I never mounted you to the cute bracket plaque I purchased forever ago, but appreciate you anyway.

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