Porch Light Makeover

Porch Light Makeover by Oh My Gluestick lo

A while back on a junk hunt, I came across this old porch light.  I loved the look of it and though I already have a porch light installed that I really like, I snagged this one to repurpose.  I thought it would make a good cloche, terrarium, or lantern.  So home it came and there it sat in the garage for months waiting for its time to shine again.

Lantern before by Oh My Gluestick loThis past weekend was gorgeous.  Finally!  Our great, mild Houston winter has been interrupted with nasty, rainy days and more cold and winds than I care to deal with.  The kids were chomping at the bit to play out front to ride bikes and I wanted to tackle a project.  Something that was light, easy and I could stop and go when Cupcake needed a feeding.  I saw the porch light peeking out of a container and I snagged it.

Lantern paint by Oh My Gluestick lo

Taking the light apart really got the kids’ attention.  They joined me on the driveway playing around with screwing and unscrewing the bits of nuts, bolts, and screws that I had disassembled.  Once I had removed the wires, the big kids took turns with the wire cutters, trimming down them down.  They were completely intrigued and my future flashed before my eyes.  These kids dig this kind of stuff.  They are going to be fantastic builders and repurposers one day.

Once everything was disassembled, I played with the parts to figure out what I wanted it to look like.  I knew I had to keep the finial piece, but it couldn’t go back on the bottom as the base needed to stay flat.  With a little adjusting, I got it to mount to the top.  Hot dog!   I then sprayed the metal parts black and gave the glass a good cleaning.

Lantern after by Oh My Gluestick loPutting it all back together was fun.  I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like all shiny and new.

Lantern glow by Oh My Gluetick loWhat’s more, I couldn’t wait to see it glowing in the dark.  What do you think?


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