Side Table to Checker Board

My kids love board games and revel in competition.  This is a little disturbing given their age, but I do enjoy fun game nights with them and am no stranger to competition myself.  One day, I came across this old side table sitting on the curb.  It had seen better days, I’m sure, but I was drawn to the gorgeous scallop details under the top.  It’s was fairly sturdy needing minor repairs and mostly a little TLC.

I get so excited when I find a new piece.  I went right to work when I got home.  The entire top of the table spun.  I’m assuming that’s why the previous owners tossed it.  Honestly, it just needed to be re secured and I was able to do so in just minutes with my drill and a few new screws from my stash.

With the structure secure, it was now time to get to work on the aesthetics.  When I look at this perfectly square top, all I can see is an old fashioned worn-looking checkerboard.  “How cool would that be!?  My kids would think I’m awesome”, I think to myself.  I quickly get to work gathering supplies from my stash. 


small art paint brush
foam brush
a couple of rags
fine grit sand paper
Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint
Annie Sloan Clear soft wax
black acrylic paint
red acrylic paint

  1. First I painted the table in it’s entirety in Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint.  This took two coats. 
  2. Once dry, I roughed up the edges and top with the fine grit sand paper.  It doesn’t take   much with the chalk paint and that gorgeous dark wood shined right through. 
  3. Then, I took the yardstick and penciled an outline of my chalkboard in the center of the table top. 
  4. Once the outline was shaped, I painstakingly hand painted each square with the red and black acrylic paint.  This was certainly the most tedious step.   
  5. After the acrylic dried, I gently roughed up the edges a bit with the sand paper being super careful not to lift off the acrylic paint from the table.  It doesn’t completely adhere to the chalk paint so extra caution is necessary.
  6. Once I had my worn down checker table roughed up to my liking, I took an old rag and wiped off any dust collected during the roughing up step.
  7. Lastly, I took another rag and Annie Sloan’s clear soft wax and wiped down the whole table.

This piece turned out more amazing than I could have hoped for.  I really had my work cut out for me while hand painting those squares, but it was so worth it and the whole family has enjoyed pulling up a chair to play.  Oh!  And my kids definately think I’m awesome.


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