Transformation Tuesday {Jewelry Holder, Vintage Side Table & Dragonfly Art}

Welcome to Transformation Tuesday, a place where Monday’s junk is transformed into glammed up treasures.  This week, I’m featuring three sweet little pieces that got a drastic makeover and look like a million bucks by spending just a few. First up is this little lazy Susan jewelry hanger.  I saw it at a local thrift store {Read More…}

10 Reasons Why My Family Will Never Star in a Reality Show

Two of the sweetest people in the world made a statement today that shook me to my core, “You guys should have your own reality show”.  I threw up a little bit in my mouth. I know that this reality show situation has become a thing, especially for large families who frequent the DIY scene, {Read More…}

Transformation Tuesday {Outdoor Living Space Redesign}

Welcome to Transformation Tuesday, a place where Monday’s junk is transformed into glammed up treasures.  This week, I am featuring our backyard makeover that I have reclaimed as living space instead of a work space/junk collection/hot mess. ****Disclaimer:  The pictures you are about to witness are real life.  If you don’t like to look at {Read More…}

Navigating Through Life’s Difficult Seasons

I always classify our life bits into seasons. We have exciting seasons, inspirational seasons, seasons of growth (which technically is all the time), etc.  Our life seasons are a particular bracket of time where either there’s a trend or pattern, or something significant happens. We are going through a season right now that I’m not particularly {Read More…}


What’s it like having a family that loves and embraces you unconditionally?  No matter how much I try to shove that question to the back of my mind and not think about it, I find it surfacing quite a bit.  Being a mother of 3 {almost 4}, I can’t fathom turning my heart or my {Read More…}

Kicking and Screaming

The count down has begun.  Unlike the beginning of summer, I have made it a point not to think about our last week before school starts.  Yet here it is upon us now, filling me with dread.  I think I started counting down the days until summer probably a month and a half in advance.  {Read More…}

If only you really knew…

Yesterday at my monthly baby check up, my sweet OBGYN asked me if my house was perfect with everything in its place.  I almost peed myself from laughing so hard.  Seriously.  Bless her!  After I composed myself, I filled her in on what a hot mess my house everything really is.  When she replied that I really seem {Read More…}

Summer’s End Drives Overachieving Mom to Panic

At the beginning of summer, I introduced this list, full of excitement and anticipation of all the fun and cool stuff we were going to do together.  The promise of the beginning of what seemed like a massive amount of time off was exhilarating and made me feel like I was the giddy school girl {Read More…}

Just when you think you’ve lost the war, you’ve won a battle

I’ve been working with the kids all summer on staying organized and on top of their clutter. It seems impossible, sometimes, that I am getting through on how important it is to put things away.  Driving home the idea that if they want to actually find the toys they want to play with, they need to {Read More…}

My little nest

Yesterday, a much anticipated package (actually two packages) arrived from one of my favorite Texas vendors.  I’ve been waiting and waiting to have the funds to fill my wall full of canvas prints of my beautiful family and thanks to Easy Canvas Prints, I have now fulfilled my wish.  They are based out of Austin {Read More…}