Thanks-a-lot Teacher Appreciation Gifts

I’ve always enjoyed sending a little gift to the kids’ teachers to show our appreciation for their hard and endless jobs.  Additionally, the kids really feel proud when they can present something they took part in making.  We give multiple times throughout the year to celebrate the holidays.  This year, Princess has a split schedule which means two {Read More…}

Girl Scout Cookies {Free Printable}

It’s cookie time at our house. As in, Girl Scout cookie time. If you have a scout in your home, you know how important these fund raisers are for your group. People either love the cookies (or popcorn for Boy Scouts which we were introduced to this year with Buddy) and bug you all year {Read More…}


I have the sweetest mom’s group at my church.  We meet once a week for a few hours of uninterrupted mommy-time while our babies are cared for by amazing nursery ladies who love them like their own flesh. This year, it’s my job to plan our calendar of activities and I’ve tried to keep it {Read More…}

Little Lunch Box Love Notes {FREEBIE}

For a couple of years, I’ve been writing little love notes to my Princess and leaving them in her lunch box every day.  It’s something special we do together and has become a really sweet tradition.  I like her to have a moment in the day to connect with me, even if I’m not there {Read More…}

It’s Cookie Time! {FREE} Girl Scout Cookie Delivery Receipts

It’s that time of year.  Cookie time!  It’s my daughter’s 3rd year in Girl Scouts and I’ve learned a thing or two. One, I like thank you notes even when someone buys something from me {her, us, same thing}.  What better way to say thanks than to also leave our contact info in case they {Read More…}

Free Tooth Fairy Tooth Receipt

Last night, I was putting the finishing touches on our Thanksgiving banner that I was planning on sharing today when my first born baby girl derailed me by showed me her very first wiggly tooth.  I wailed with excitement and cried on the inside.  My sweet 6 year old has her first loose tooth  Hurray!  And. {Read More…}

We’ve Been Booed! Free Printable

We “BOO” folks every year.  Last year, I designed a new image and passed them out, but never shared with you all.  I’m sorry.  Here’s a new BOO sign and in case you don’t still have the poem, you can get both free printables (sans watermark) here.  Enjoy!