Why My Home Will Never Grace the Pages of a Magazine

Is your house a wreck?  I bet it’s nothing like mine. In fact, my mess could probably put your mess to shame, but that’s ok.  I’m embracing it and shedding the light on my “process” as a mom, wife, crafter, junker, and homemaker.  It’s life, which is never perfect, often messy, and more often fun.  {Read More…}

Porch Light Makeover

A while back on a junk hunt, I came across this old porch light.  I loved the look of it and though I already have a porch light installed that I really like, I snagged this one to repurpose.  I thought it would make a good cloche, terrarium, or lantern.  So home it came and {Read More…}

Adventures in Dollhouse Decorating: Part 1

I’m a believer in fate, karma, miracles, and luck. What’s meant to be is meant to be.  On a beautiful March morning in 2012, I was about to experience one of the biggest cosmic alignment of the stars I’ve encountered to date. On the way home from dropping Princess off at school, I spotted it. {Read More…}

Night stand Duo Makeover

I found the ugliest pair of night stands that had the prettiest details screaming for a makeover.  The dark, 80’s stain left little to be desired, but they were both incredibly solid pieces needing no repairs, just paint.  With the little flower embellishments and the gorgeous lines, a little roughed up and these pieces would be perfection.  {Read More…}