Easy 15 Minute Texas Burlap 3D Art Canvas {Tutorial}

I love Texas. I love mild winters, long summers, huge yards, cold beer, delicious ice cream, lovely wild flowers, friendly people and really, the list could go on. I also really love the shape of the state of Texas. It’s funny to hear myself say that out loud, but I’m a very visual person and {Read More…}

Transformation Tuesday: Making Over Monday’s Junk

Welcome to Transformation Tuesday, a place where Monday’s junk is transformed into glammed up treasures.  This week’s edition is called The Turquoise Room: Refabbed Junk Makeovers from an Addict It’s no surprise that I love the color turquoise. My Gran loved turquoise jewelry and when I was little, we crossed the border into Nogales, Mexico {Read More…}

Junky Drawers Get a French Makeover

Recently, I came across this awesome dresser.  It had such a pretty apron, lovely drawers, and good bones.  It was solid and gunky, but a great find.  I was on my way to my mom’s group, so I had my two youngest with me, making the room in my Acadia somewhat challenging.  Despite my efforts, {Read More…}

Easy felt owl ornament tutorial

If you’ve been following along the past few weeks, you know I am in full decorating mode and getting Princess’ room together with custom painted furniture like her hot pink dresser and these night stands as well as chotchkies including handmade angel wings.  I’ve been multi-projecting with loads of crafts and projects going at the same time.  I {Read More…}

Night stand Duo Makeover

I found the ugliest pair of night stands that had the prettiest details screaming for a makeover.  The dark, 80’s stain left little to be desired, but they were both incredibly solid pieces needing no repairs, just paint.  With the little flower embellishments and the gorgeous lines, a little roughed up and these pieces would be perfection.  {Read More…}

DIY Faux Carved Wings Tutorial {Sweet Angel}

I am in the process of creating a room from scratch for my sweet 7-year-old Princess.  Until a few months ago, she and Middle were sharing a boy/girl room.  We are giving her a girlie, all-her-style whimsical room in the colors of her choice.  She is not your typical pink-loving princess.  Her favorite color is {Read More…}

#2: Making Homemade Lip Gloss With My 6-year-old. Check!

  The weekend before school let out, we were on our way home from a road trip when we made our summer list.  It has random fun activities that each of us really wanted to do over the summer as a family.  My sweet girl, being the girly girl yet DIY-er that she is, wanted {Read More…}

Please remove your shoes! DIY Tutorial for Sweet Little Feet shoe sign

   A couple of years ago, I created a sign to help me ask people to kick off their shoes without having to actually ask all the time.  I was about to have a new baby and though we have always enforced the rule in our house, there were always a few who needed reminding and it {Read More…}

Shoes off, please

Thank you SO much for stopping by to grab Oh My Gluestick’s hand designed free Shoes Off sign! I’m thrilled you are here and hope you will gaze about the other freebies and tutorials page. Pin if you like and tell your friends! ************************************UPDATE************************************** Click HERE for brand new {2012} shoes off door sign tutorial, though this printable {Read More…}