Tay’s Butterfly Mobile

I finally got a chance to sit down and make my daughter’s butterfly mobile for her newly (two months ago) painted and redecorated room. It has been a process since I have been so busy with orders and the pregnancy that I haven’t been able to get to the really fun stuff. Like this!

To assemble the hanging part of the mobile, I used two freshly cut branches from one of my giving trees, the Crepe Myrtle. She always allows me to cut her branches throughout the year to craft something fun. I crossed the branches and used string in the center to strengthen and tighten them. I used a bit of Elmer’s glue to hold down the end of the string and set it aside to dry while I cut my butterflies out.The supplies I used to create the butterflies were:
  • My Cricut
  • the Serenade cartridge (LOVE THIS ONE!)
  • the DCWV Sweet stack
The supplies I used to hang the mobile and the layers of butterflies were:
  • Fishing wire from Granddad’s old tackle box (this stuff has lasted forever and I am always crafting with it!)
  • Eye hooks (#212 Crown Bolt brand)
  • Glue dots
I cut out eighty 2″ butterflies to assemble to the fishing line. Once I this branches were dry, I added the eye hooks to the top of them, one in each branch. I then ran the fishing line through the eye hooks and tied them together at the top to created my “hanger”.
To start the assembly of the butterfly part, I did the following:
1. I hung the branch hanger from my light fixture in my kitchen so I could work on the mobile while it hung. This was the easiest way for me to assemble the lines of butterflies without them getting tangled.

2. I started with four lines, each about 22 inches long and tied one in the middle of each branch between the outside edge and the middle joint where the branches intersect. From there, I went ahead and assembled each of them with 6 two-sided butterflies (12 total paper butterflies).

3. To attach the butterflies to the line, I adhered one glue dot in the middle of the butterfly on the white, non-design side (the back). I then attached it to the line, making sure the line stuck to the glue dot and attached the other butterfly side. When attaching the second butterfly side, make sure they line up as much as possible. Then, gently fold outward to create the 3d look.

4. After each line of 6 where created, I went around the ends of each branch and tied a line approximately 20 inches long. I repeated the above steps, but kept the outside lines to 4 two-sided butterflies each (8 total paper butterflies).


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    So pretty! What an amazing thing you made for your sweet daughter’s room!

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    Thank you, KeriAnne!

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    That is really nice! Great job!!

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    So pretty, what a great idea!

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    Awesome job on the mobile! It is so cute!

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