The Hot Pink Dresser Makeover for $2.50

Dresser after watermarkThat is correct.  I made over this hot pink dresser for $2.5o.  Crazy, I know.  I stumbled upon this old, funky vintage dresser more than a year ago.  It, like so many of my super finds, was waiting on the curb with the trash for either its demise or rescue.  Luckily, I found it, loaded it and kept it in the garage until I was ready to deal with it.  I have been slowly decorating Princess’ new all-girl room.  Until recently, she and Middle had been sharing a boy/girl room.  She is so excited to have a space all her own with girlie things from wall to wall.  She decided on turquoise wall paint and wanted a hot pink dresser.  I’ve never gone as funky as hot pink (or hot anything for that matter)  on a piece  of furniture before, but I gave her free rein to decide how she wanted things done.  She is the best client, because she knows exactly what she wants and I know exactly how to give it to her.Dresser before front view watermark Dresser before watermark Inside dresser and drawers watermark

This piece was a bit of a hot mess to work with.  It was a great vintage find with awesome old, original hardware that was rusted and melded to the wood.  I had a bit of trouble removing those and they disintegrated immediately upon removable, but found that the wood underneath all that yucky (probably lead based) paint was delicious.  Not taking any chances, I diligently sanded down the entire surface.  One of the drawers was missing the bottom support and another’s was rotted all the way through, so hubby hooked me up by creating new ones out of scrap plywood.  Now it was ready to be dressed and glammed up as my little girl saw fit.

sanding watermarksanded top watermark

sanded bones watermark sanded drawers watermarkI set out to Lowes for the perfect paint.  I thought I’d grab some swatches and decide from there, but first stopped by my favorite section.  The “oops” paint shelf.  In all my painting experience, I have never ever, ever seen hot pink paint there, but on this very day there it was for $2.50 and I just could not leave it behind.  I skipped the swatches, paid for my lucky find, and headed home with excited confidence.  That is, until I opened the can.  I sort of stood there, dumb-founded and befuddled.  I instantly regretted my purchase and started second guessing myself.  If you follow me on Facebook, you were there for these very moments and then witnessed a community of support pushing me on to go for it.  So I did.  I embraced the Pepto paint and committed heart and soul to the process.  I added some great, black iron drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby which really made it pop, but didn’t make it feel complete.  After taking a step back, I decided to cover the top surface that looked like it should be a drawer, but isn’t.  I grabbed a touch of scrap wrapping paper left over from another project and attached it with Mod Podge to finish it off.  I just love how it turned out, but what’s more important is that Princess loves it and it looks fabulous in her new the pink watermark



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