There’s No Place Like Home

BEFORE watermarkThere’s no place like home.  There really isn’t.  Home is where I can be free.  It’s where I can relax, create, be silly, get comfortable, and feel most loved.  I’m surrounded by the people I love most, at home, and have reminders all over it of our beautiful and blessed life.  It really is my favorite place to be and would never leave it if I didn’t have to.  I saw this chipped up, scratched, sad looking “Home” sign on the curb one morning as we were heading out.  I checked it out and saw it was super sturdy and for the most part in great shape.  It just needed a touch up.  I could have just repainted it all black, but how boring is that?AFTER watermark Instead, I decided to make it over with Annie Sloan chalk paint in old white.  I then went over it with a mixture I created with the old white chalk paint and turquoise craft paint.  After I was satisfied with the dry brushing, I sanded it to perfection.  I thought I might list it in the shop, but my oldest little loved it and so it sits, displayed proudly, in our home.DETAIL watermark


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