Thrift Store Thursday

It’s been a spell since I’ve had the thrift store itch, but I needed to make a run to Hobby Lobby and I decided I would make a day of it by hitting two of my favorite thrifts close by.  It was a successful trip, as most of them are.  I don’t think I’ve really walked away empty handed before.  Ever.  Nonetheless, I had to work for my score, because Cupcake was tired and acting a crazy-hot-strong-willed-mess and I was physically sweating as I tried to reign her in.  After ten minutes, I caved.  She was tired and who was I kidding.  If Cupcake ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

I did manage to grab some cool bits for a few bucks.

Tiger eye plastic carrying case

This super cool vintage carrying case is either plastic or acrylic.  It has a mirror inside, so it was a cosmetic case or one that stored curlers.  I remember my Gran had something like this when I was little, where she stored curlers, but she could have repurposed the case from something else.

Tiger eye plastic carrying case ohmygluestick.comI love that it has a little lock and key.  At $2.99, I couldn’t pass it up.  I never pass up a cute, cheap storage option.

Easter bunnies
These sweet little bunnies were each on a wire pick, probably used in either a floral or Easter wreath arrangement. At $0.19 each, I thought they were perfect for the little fairy house we are building. Score.

Egg drying rack ohmygluestick.comI spotted this vintage egg drying rack for $0.99 and it was a no brainer.  After 10 years of dying eggs, I still haven’t come up with a better solution than just resting them on a paper towel covered paper plate.  Maybe this will be a winner.

Cast iron garlic press ohmygluestick.comThen I saw this and I knew Hubbs had to have it.  It’s a precious little cast iron garlic roaster.

Cast iron garlic press ohmygluestick.comHave you ever!?  I haven’t, but I found the same one on Crate & Barrel’s site. He loves to roast garlic when he whips up some of his specialties and I just can’t imagine he won’t love this.  It was my most expensive buy at $8.99, but he’s worth it.  =)

Iron window planter ohmygluestick.comLast, I spotted this gem high up on a shelf.  I’m a sucker for iron, so I needed to know what it was.  It was a $2.99 score of awesome and I can’t wait to transform it.  I have some ideas, but you’ll have to wait for the reveal.

Not bad for under twenty bucks.

Have you found anything you just couldn’t walk away from at a thrift store?  Until next time.




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