Thrift Store Thursday

Vintage dollhouse by Oh My Gluestick Vintage dollhouse open by Oh My GluestickI love junkin’ and I love dollhouses.  Somehow, somewhere it was sure to rub off on my kids.  I suppose when these things are in their faces all the time, they are bound to strike an affinity for treasures I enjoy as well.  Take this vintage dollhouse for example.  A couple of weeks ago, we were at one of my favorite thrift stores grabbing a few goodies for Cupcake.  Soy was playing in the toy section while I shopped and when it was time to go, he could not let go of this cute, vintage dollhouse.  Bless his 3-year-old little heart.  It was the sweetest thing and as much as I wanted to cave, I stood strong.  I told him no.

The following week, I was back in search of a mannequin named Grace.  Long story.  Anyway, there was the little dollhouse.  He knew exactly where it was and looked at me with the sweetest look, but said nothing.  I asked him if he wanted it.  I’m a sucker for that kid, after all, and could not withstand “the look”.  As it turned out, it was half off and at $2.50 I guess it was just meant to be.  He uses it for his Hotwheels and couldn’t be happier that it has a handle.  Never mind the many Hotwheels racetracks we have.  This kid likes to park his cars in a house, and why not?

Have you found anything you just couldn’t walk away from at a thrift store?  Until next time.







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