Transformation Tuesday: DIY Peg Dolls

Welcome to Transformation Tuesday, a place where Monday’s junk is transformed into glammed up treasures.  Today’s transformation is different from my usual.  I’m not using Monday’s junk today.  Today, I am transforming little wooden pegs into dollhouse dolls.  I’d love to say I scored some on a junk run, but the truth is, I bought these on Amazon.  They also carry them at Lowes in the hardware section in the little drawers that house dowels and whatnots.  I would never ever have thought to look there, but I needed replacement decorative pegs for the striped Beetlejuice bench I was refinishing one day, and there they were.

Our dollhouse is a treasure to this family.  We all take joy and pleasure in it, whether it’s in decorating or play.  The kids and I have been working through a bag of 40 wooden pegs for a while now, transforming them into cute little dolls to live in our miniature {huge} home.  Over the weekend, we sort of hit a peg-doll-making-spree and cranked out the rest of the bag.  We went crazy building different looks, themes, and characters.  My favorite are the ones I created of our little family.

OMG Alexander family peg dolls

Yup. This is about right. From our wooden skin color down to the clothing choices, this is pretty much spot on for our little group.

OMG family business peg dolls

Originally, Princess wanted Daddy in a suit, but he wasn’t thrilled about his Mr. Rogers clothing choice. It really didn’t suit him like his favorite UT Longhorn shirt does.

OMG fairy & bride peg dolls

We created fairies, brides, and princesses.

OMG harry potter and supers peg dolls

We also banded together an assortment of super heroes and “cool boy options” as well.  Princess & I nerded up pretty good with the Harry Potter dolls.  I created Harry and she went all out with Ron & Hermoine.  I really dig Princess Leia.  Her hair makes me smile.  The boys made a set of minions from Despicable Me and we have a vast assortment of ordinary people as well, though I am really partial to all the specials we created.

OMG supplies peg dolls ohmygluestick.comAll it took was what you see here.  Although, we did eventually add in a few scraps of ribbon, felt, and yarn.  There’s no special formula to create these fun little keepsakes.  It does take patience, a steady hand and some imagination.  We started out with plain, unpainted & unstained wooden pegs as referenced above.  For the fun stuff, we pulled together every colored Sharpie we had in the house as well as acrylic paint.  These things we already have in our craft stock, but acrylic paints can run for fifty cents a piece at Walmart and a cool pack of Sharpies in all colors will hit about $16.00.  Also, toothpicks are your friend.  They are the best tool ever when applying little eyes or making tiny corrections with paint.

I like to start by painting the face color on first.  Then, I do the hair.  These are easy to correct if a mistake is made early on.  Once the hair is done, I put on a face before “dressing” the dolls with clothes & accessories.

A tip on Sharpie versus acrylic paint:  Sharpie is much, much easier to work with {especially for kiddos} because you have more control over a pen.  However, they do tend to bleed a little and show lines or splotching in parts of the wood that are darker, lighter, rougher, etc.  This can especially be a pain when you wanted a little dotted eye, but end up with a weird spidery looking line instead.  Painting with acrylics allows for a prettier, cleaner look but can be a little more difficult for kids to wield a tiny paintbrush and keep it steady.  My 3YO & 6YO had a much easier time with the Sharpie and my 8YO really preferred them as well.  The wooden pegs could be sprayed with a clear sealer before adding color which may help with the bleeding of Sharpies.  I would also suggest spraying a sealer after the dolls are completed as well to preserve all that work and help them last longer.


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