Transformation Tuesday {Hand Lettered Window & Sign With a Side of Custom Coasters}

Welcome to Transformation Tuesday, a place where Monday’s junk is transformed into glammed up treasures.  This week I am finally getting around to some really old Monday finds.  There’s no formula when it comes to beautifying junk.  I just work on what I want when inspiration strikes.

One Junky Monday, I featured this super great old window a friend passed on to me {Hi Tiffany!}.  I knew it was going to be awesome, but took my time working out my design.junky old window

Look at the detail of this old, flaky paint.  This is my sort of thing and I wanted to make sure it stayed on as part of the charm of the finished piece.  People spend lots of time trying to fake this look and no way was I going to sand it down.

junky old window ohmygluestick.comThe glass was falling out of the window, so I used clear window calk on both sides to secure it.  I cleaned the glass on both sides, but wanted to keep some of that rusty age that had collected around the edges.  I didn’t want the awesome flaky paint to chip off, but I also wanted to make sure it was safely secured in case it contains lead.  I sealed it thoroughly with several coats of poly acrylic. I then went to work designing the perfect wording and details that would turn this old window into a piece of signage art.  I wanted it to look like it had been salvaged straight out of an old store front.  My granddad’s storefront.

Granddaddy used to build any and everything.  He had serious talent, grit, and ethics.  He worked for the GTE phone company for 40 plus years out in the field climbing poles and repairing lines.  He’d always drag home huge empty wooden spools that carried the wires he maintained and would turn them into art.  One, he made into a table in his shop especially for me to make mud pies and play on while he tinkered around in the shop or working on his next build.  We were close, he and I.  He was the father I didn’t have and was a huge junker, though it wasn’t until he was gone that I realized it.  All the inspiration I see in rusty pieces are because of his influence.  I imagine if he would have had a storefront, it would be named after him as I was.

Hand lettered window sign ohmygluestick.comNaturally, with this window sign I was working on, I wanted to honor my Granddad and make something special to hang in our home that I could look at and get a flood of all those wonderful memories I like to visit.  Just as I am his namesake, so is the sign I created.  I imagine a store full of his hand crafted furniture and junky finds.  On the front windows, I can see hand lettered art describing the things you will find inside, “Tom’s Antiques & Junk”.  Tom was a gentle giant.  His voice was booming and gruff and always scared the daylights out of any boy who dared to come around.  He smoked a pipe when I was really young and that smell takes me back to when I was four and could curl up so comfortably in his lap for a story or nap.  He had a mustache and beard that made him look like Kenny Roger’s twin brother.  I loved Grandparent’s day during elementary school.  All the kids thought he was famous.  And he was.  To me.  Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him and regret that my kids never got a chance to meet the most interesting and amazing man in the world who helped to shape their mama and who saved my life.
Hand lettered window sign

Hand lettering has been my forte lately.  It allows me to combine my love of graphics design and painting and lets me smoosh them together into fun typography art pieces.  I took a salvaged cabinet door and went to work on a bicycle image.  I love the quote, “Enjoy the Ride”.  I love the metaphor and am often reminding myself to “Enjoy this, lady.  The sleepless nights because there are three kids in our bed won’t last.  Soon, they won’t even want to hug you in front of their friends, mama and how sad that will be.  Enjoy this ride”.  Soon, this piece too shall grace our walls.

Hand lettered cabinet door Enjoy the Ride sign

Have you ever come across ugly coasters and thought, “Nah.  Not for me”?  Yeah.  I haven’t either.  This is one of the easiest crafts to do to transform ugly to pretty in a few easy steps.  I found this set one Junky Monday and knew I could give them new life without much effort.

junky old coasters ohmygluestick.comFirst, turn one of your ugly coasters upside down and trace it onto pretty paper.  Flip paper over, cut out shape, and glue it to the top of the coaster using Mod Podge Outdoor {with a green label}.  The outdoor stuff keeps the paper from bubbling once condensation hits it which is going to happen repeatedly if you use them for their intended purpose.  After the paper has dried, coat it in two coats of the green labeled Mod Podge letting the first coat dry completely before applying the second.  After they are completely dry, you’re done.  What you will end up with, is a little piece of cuteness worthy of holding your drink.

Fancy coaster makeover

That wraps up this installment of Transformation Tuesday. As you can see, I try to keep as much as I part with. Such is the life of a junker like me. Stay tuned for my next segment of Transformation Tuesday.

For more junkin’ pleasure, check out my Junky Monday Roundup posts to keep tabs on what I score from week to week. Until next time.



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    Love this! I love old, chippy paint too!!

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