Transformation Tuesday: Our Living Room Makeover

A few weekends ago, Hubbs was standing on the couch hanging a picture for me when his foot went through the bottom.  “Everyone get dressed,” he announced.  “We’re going couch shopping!”  This has been a long time coming.  We’ve had a sectional for 6ish years and despite the price tag, it was not high quality and learned within the first several months that it wouldn’t last.  Getting as long as we did out of it, was a miracle.

We shopped several stores before hitting the mother of all furniture shops here in Houston, Gallery Furniture.  That place is a dream for families with young kids like us.  There’s a huge play room with jungle gyms and slides, beds they can jump on, and free food and dessert as long as you want it.  Cakes, cookies, ice cream, pizza, burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches and drinks for days.  This is key, because we are never there for less than four hours.  The store is huge and staff is extremely friendly, so you can really take your time getting comfortable with what you like.

After six hours, dinner, and several snacks later we decided on the first set we sat on right when we walked in the door.  Gallery delivered it to us just 30 minutes after we got home, giving us barely enough time to remove all the legos and lost sippy cups from under it.

living room makeover before

Here’s our old couch.  Good riddance!  We had Gallery haul it off and couldn’t have been happier to see it go.  No tears shed here.

Living room makeover ohmygluestick.comTada! So much better.  We have been stuck for several months trying to figure out what we like, would accommodate a load of people, and could work in our space.

Living room makeover

I was distraught when I realized I’d have to do the unthinkable, block the fireplace.  It’s a design travesty and a flaw in our little plan.  Turns out, the set was much bigger than we accounted for even after measuring and referring to Hubb’s drawn out diagram.  It turns out, it’s not too bad.  There’s a small section behind the loveseat that houses the kids’ toys in neat little baskets.  It is all very well hidden when you walk in the front door.  This, is a win no matter how I slice it.

Living room makeover

There’s so much seating!  Much more than our tiny little sectional that I thought was so enormous!  I think it shrank after the third child.

Living room makeover ohmygluestick.comEveryone covets the chair.  It’s the perfect reading and gaming seat.  It nicely fits one large adult rear or two small kiddo rears.  The itty bitty ottoman (compare to our last space guzzler) is light weight and a dream to move anywhere we need it.

Living room makeover ohmygluestick.comPulling out our hutch and old armoire really freed up a ton of space and opened up a blank wall perfect for the Hubb’s to get his dream screen.Living room makeover

This is my dream piece.  A nice solid wood, beautiful storage piece to hide all the kids’ movies.  Eventually, we will hang the sound bar and hide some of the consoles.  For now, I’m just happy I get to look at it.  So pretty.

That wraps up this installment of Transformation Tuesday. All that’s left in this space, is to replace the carpet with new flooring. Stay tuned for my next segment of Transformation Tuesday.

For more junkin’ pleasure, check out my Junky Monday Roundup posts to keep tabs on what I score from week to week. Until next time.



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