Transformation Tuesday {Outdoor Living Space Redesign}

Welcome to Transformation Tuesday, a place where Monday’s junk is transformed into glammed up treasures.  This week, I am featuring our backyard makeover that I have reclaimed as living space instead of a work space/junk collection/hot mess.

****Disclaimer:  The pictures you are about to witness are real life.  If you don’t like to look at mess, avert your eyes.  Also to note, sometimes my kids have clothes on, sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes my kids (boys in particular) have dressed themselves.  In mismatched jammies.  I just roll with it, so you should too.  Carry on.****

I was already up to my eyeballs with projects while the Hubbs and three of the kids were off camping with scouts this past weekend, but I wanted to do something for them while they were gone.  I missed them terribly and all I wanted to do was hang out and relax with them once they got back, so I got busy.  Here’s what I started with Saturday morning.  Transformation Tuesday from hot mess to hot spot

This isn’t even at it’s worst.  It was pretty bad here when I posted “Why My Home Will Never Grace the Pages of a Magazine”.  But I’m a creative soul with a brain that never stops, so things are always changing and always, always different around here.  The messes will happen over and over, but I completely freak out after a while and do something about it.  Like now.  Behold our change from hot mess to hot spot.

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I’ve used mostly reclaimed junk to create a comfortable, inviting, and functional place for our family to hang out and relax together.  The only items I went out and purchased for this space were the darts and the bulb lights as one of the strings of little lantern lights we already had failed, only after I had tested and hung them.  Total cost for this redesign $25.00.  Oh yes.  That’s nice.

This is where everyone wants to be.  The three oldest are so excited about the dartboard, they can hardly stand it.

Transformation Tuesday from hot mess to hot spot

1.  Dartboard.  This was a lucky junky find that I’ve been holding on to for a while now.  I knew I’d hang it in this spot eventually…

DIY Chalkboard ohmygluestick.com2.  Chalkboard.  I wanted it to double as a place for the littles to draw, play tic tac toe, or for the bigs to practice keeping score.  Buddy is still learning to count double numbers, so when he plays he’ll jot the numbers down to make it easier to do the math.  A learning game.  Yes!  I found an already framed piece of wood and knew it would be a great chalkboard once painted as such, but I had no use for it inside.  The size was perfect for this very spot and is perfect for what we are using it for.

Transformation Tuesday Copper tins ohmygluestick.com3.  Tiered Tin Pedestals.  Recently on a thrift store run, I saw these copper cake tins for $1.99 each and had to have them.  I wanted to make little tiered stands to hold snacks, hardware or jewelry.  I thought they could be versatile and work in different ways.

Chair Spindle Makeover

I took an old chair spindle from my parts stash and cut it in half with my jigsaw. Then attached a tin pan on each end with a little gorilla glue and wood screws.

Tiered Tin Pedestals
They  turned out prettier than I imagined and I love the color.

Tiered Tin Pedestals

Princess wants to use them outside to serve treats in.  They really pop against all the greenery.

Funky Makeover collection ohmygluestick.com4.  Funky Light Fixture.  Last week when I hit the storage unit and brought home a bunch of junk to repurpose.  It was sort of themed as dated funky junk.

Funky Light Fixture makeover

The pendant light fixture was a curbside treasure I scored last year.  I held on to it all this time intending to turn it into a terrarium, but that gold had to go.

Funky Light Fixture makeover

After disassembling the cord and lighting hardware, I taped off the glass and spray painted it black to give it a more modern look.

Funky Light Fixture makeover

The black is much better and will all the lighting hardware gone, it is a great open container for plants or string lights.

Funky Light Fixture makeover

String lights give it a beautiful glow and light up our deck at dusk.  I may go back later and add plants instead of lights, but for now I love it as a festive lantern.

Seagrass basket ohmygluestick.com5. Seagrass Basket.  I found this baby a few weeks ago and love the look.  I plan to store the kids’ goggles in it this summer.  The best part about this piece is that it looks great as is.

Vintage Suitcase makeover ohmygluestick.com6.  Funky Vintage Suitcase.  This little guy was part of the funky junk bunch I brought home from storage.  I found it some months ago and knew it needed new life.

Vintage Suitcase makeover ohmygluestick7The green didn’t bother me, but it did nothing for me either.  I wanted to give this piece a vintage grain sack makeover with little effort.  So I did.  I used white spray paint, navy acrylic paint, a sanding block, and clear wax to complete it.  I left the inside alone, because it’s still just so awesome.

Coffee Table turned Bench ohmygluestick.com7.  Coffee Table Bench.  I loved this table when I saw it on the curb.  We were on our way to the grocery store in the mini van, the lot of us.  It was there for the picking right before exiting our neighborhood and Hubbs offered to get his truck and come back for it.  We never did make it to the store that day.  We junk hunted instead.

Coffee Table Bench ohmygluestick.comIt needed some structural repairs, but after that I left it alone.  I wanted it to be sturdy and functional but have no intentions to paint it just yet for several reasons.  It lives outside.  The pollen is horrible right now.  We have pets.  It resides under a dart board.  It’s solid wood and perfect the way it is in my opinion and works for what we need it for.

Coffee Table Bench ohmygluestick.comIt also happens to be Cupcake’s favorite spot to eat her snacks.

Rolling Wooden Storage makeover

8.  Rolling Wooden Storage.  Some transformations are easy, some are fun, some are downright a pain.  As much work as this one was, it easily could have been a pain, but has turned out to be a favorite.  What started out as a trashed cube side table, turned into a gorgeous salvaged rolling storage piece.

Rolling Wooden Storage makeover

After a couple of failed attempts, Hubbs helped me out and cut down a base/bottom for it with the jigsaw.  I am not brilliant at straight lines and he’s better.  Afterwards, I attached the bottom, sanded the whole thing down and went to work changing this piece from a table to a storage container.

Rolling Wooden Storage makeover

After several layers of white and black paint and dark walnut stain, I finally achieved the worn/washed wood look that I desired.

Rolling Wooden Storage makeover For fun, I added an blue accent color to the inside.  Gorgeous!

Rolling Wooden Storage makeover
One of my favorite features of a truly versatile/functional piece is a set of wheels.  My heart skips a beat every time I get to push this piece around.

Rolling Wooden Storage makeover
Now I have a divine little storage piece to house my favorite blankets.  This makes me long for twilight, twinkling lights, fire and a nice glass of red on the deck.

Metal Storage Bucket

9. Washtub Storage.  These are my favorite little creature comforts.  Granddaddy had gobs of these in a larger size that he’d bath his hunting dogs in.  To have a little something in my favorite outdoor space that reminds me of him is crucial.  I spent every day outside with him making mud pies while he worked in his shop, gathering quail and chicken eggs, or helping him in the garden.  It seems only right to be able to channel that feeling while being with my own littles.  This little tub was a curbside find and is the perfect solution to hold the bug houses we built together last Summer at a Lowes Build and Grow event.

Magazine Storage makeover ohmygluestick.com10. Magazine Storage.  I found this guy a couple of weeks ago and was as excited as a little kid is when they find a chicken nugget shoved down in the carseat.  I couldn’t believe this was on the curb, but I shamelessly picked it up despite the neighbor eyeballing me from her car.

Magazine Storage makeover
I repaired the broken side, tightened the handle and stained the wood dark walnut.  It now stores all the wood chips and coal bricks the Hubbs uses for his smoker.

Darts in a can

Darts and chalk hang in this old can by twine.  The metal hook was a thrift store find years ago and used to live in Princess’ room.

Aside from this one section that makes such a big impact, we have a huge backyard that is a kid’s dream.  Truly. But, I also wanted it to be a dream for the grown-ups too.  I incorporated little details throughout our space to make it enjoyable for all.

Skeleton key windchime

Several months ago, I bought a handful of metal skeleton keys from Michaels along with an embroidery hook to make a wind chime.  I finally pulled out the supplies and got after it.

Skeleton key windchime
The sound is magical and so pretty.

Rusty Key Wind Chime ohmygluestick.comI also had a group of keys sitting in bleach on and off for a few weeks.  I used this opportunity to string them up as well.  They don’t sound and tinkley as the skeleton keys, but they are gorgeous just the same.  Just look at that patina!

Reclaimed wood serving tray

I revamped this reclaimed wood ages ago, but just couldn’t decide what to do with it.  I had so many ideas, but it wasn’t until a friend gave me a supply of pulls that I landed on a serving tray.

Reclaimed wood serving tray
It was the right decision and leaving it flat instead of elevated or footed is perfect for this casual space.

Transformation Tuesday collection ohmygluestick.comThe details throughout have given our outdoor living space new life and has rejuvenated our spirit for our home.  It’s been no secret we have been back and forth on a little farmhouse and leaving our safe, easy little suburban nest.  Recreating something in even the smallest of ways can make such a large impact and has affected us greatly.

Outdoor living

Our fire pit is ready to go and the little found again picnic table wants to welcome the makings of s’mores.Outdoor living

Cupcake is over the moon for her little splash table.  She could care less I picked it from the curb and brought it home for a good scrubbing.Outdoor lights

The kids are enjoying their clean, easy and private little “park” just for them.Outdoor lights

Outdoor lights

And when the light fades, no one is in a rush to go anywhere.

Outdoor lights ohmygluestick

We can sit back, relax, and enjoy the peaceful tranquility right in our own backyard.Outdoor lights ohmygluestick4

This transformation is close to my heart and was a completely unplanned, spur of the moment task I took on to surprise the people I love the most.  It’s sole purpose was to buy more time together, something I never get tired of, no matter how stressful, crazy or eventful our life can be.Outdoor lights

If you stuck around this long, I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I’m looking forward to a nice long weekend with a couple of nights and days spent here.

Transformation Tuesday series on




That wraps up this installment of Transformation Tuesday. As you can see, reclaiming tossed out treasures and making them my own is a passion.  With a little imagination, you can makeover just about anything. Stay tuned for my next segment of Transformation Tuesday or click here to see past transformations.

For more junkin’ pleasure, check out my Junky Monday Roundup posts to keep tabs on what I score from week to week. Until next time.




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