Transformation Tuesday: Workspace Redesign

Welcome to Transformation Tuesday, a place where Monday’s junk is transformed into glammed up treasures.  This week, I am featuring my workspace redesign.  Rather, I’ve reclaimed this space {in particular} my desk and am making it functional instead of a place to hold tools, projects, and odd & ends.

Each item has received its very own makeover.  I’m thrilled with everything, but not all will stay.  Some pieces will likely find a new space or home, but are worth a second look.  Ready?  Here we go.

Workspace redesign

1. The Desk.  Yes, Desk needs to be capitalized here, because just look at it!  It’s over 60 years old and was a pick from last Summer.  I was in my ‘hood on a Sunday night, curbside shopping to my heart’s content when I came across a few items.  The sweet woman who belonged to the house was out in her driveway.  Normally, I don’t stop or wait at least until someone has gone in as to not disturb them, but she is the mother of a teacher at my kids’ school {whom we adore} and the sweetest lady ever. I popped out and greeted her and asked if she minded if I took the mirror she had placed on the curb.  After a bit of chatting, she told me she had a desk in the garage that she was ready to part with.  It was her husband’s whom she had recently lost.  I was honored and let her name her price which was a whopping $20.  I didn’t want to take advantage so I made sure she was comfortable with the number.  It needed some work, but was in great shape for the most part and I wanted it.  Not just because it was obviously gorgeous, but because it had a story.  It was her husband’s childhood desk.  He sat at it doing his homework and studying for his exams.  It was a piece of him he could never let go, and so it sat there, in the garage for all those years waiting to be loved again.  I promised her I would do it justice and would show her a picture when it became new again.

Desk makeover

It took me forever to decide how to paint it, but I knew that was the direction I was going in.  I wanted to highlight each and every scratch and flaw, because I see beauty in them.  Initially, I wanted it to go in the boys’ room, but it was a little too big for their already cramped space.  Once it became clear the piece was to be mine, I knew some shade of turquoise would be the result.

Desk makeover ohmygluestick.comI mixed up a custom color with leftover latex paints from past projects.  I made a batch of chalk paint and dry brushed it on until I was happy with the coverage.  I lightly distressed with fine grit sandpaper and sealed with dark wax.  I. Love. It.

Desk makeover ohmygluestick.comOn any other piece I may have switched out the hardware or at the very least painted it.  Not this one.  I wanted the original stuff.  As is.  I like the tarnished brassiness of it in contrast to the bright blue.

Desk makeover ohmygluestick.comPictures will never do this piece justice.  This close up captures the color much better than above.  It is just so lovely and one of my favorite furniture pieces to date.

2.  The lamp.  I received this lamp from a really sweet friend who was cleaning out her mother’s home.  It’s the perfect size for my desk, but I wanted to see if I could give it a sleek makeover.

Industrial lamp makeover

Initially, I hoped I could do some sort of mercury glass effect to the glass shade.  It was unsuccessful though as the glass is etched and not clear.

Industrial lamp makeover

Nevertheless, I achieved a more industrial look and I love the way it turned out.  The kids do too.  Both the older kids were fighting over who would get it in their room.  Guess I’ll need to find myself a new one.

Industrial lamp makeover

I used mirror spray and black spray paint to get the dark metal effect.  I used black for the base.

Industrial lamp makeover

3. Wire baskets.  These were nothing special, so I wanted to add a little pizazz.

Wire basket makeover ohmygluestick.comNothing like one of my favorite shades to brighten these babies up and give them a little pop.

4.  Message center.  This was the bottom insert to a little laundry basket I used for my 3rd little’s baby clothes.  It was a gorgeous soft damask fabric that I still have, but the wire skeleton got bent and eventually fell apart.  I took the “Laundry” embroidered panel and transformed it in to a cute little sign worthy of a pretty laundry room.  I saved this bottom piece to do something with and it has hung here untouched forever until now.Wire message board makeover

I thought it would be a cute little message center or place to clip pictures to, but couldn’t decide the look I wanted.  In the zone of my redesign this weekend, I grabbed the twine and started wrapping until it was completely covered.  Now, I just need to locate my mini clothespins and get busy pinning stuff up.Workspace redesign

5.  The cork board.  I got too wrapped up in typography to take a before shot, but imagine a plain, boring little corkboard.  Then imagine someone painted it black & wrote on it with a white paint pen.Cork board makeover

It’s now the perfect little desk accessory to pin pictures or keepsakes to and is ready for a new home.

6. The crate.  Good grief.  Someone took a perfectly good wine crate and defaced it with crayons, pencil, and marker.  Yes, all three.  There wasn’t a side that didn’t have graffiti on it.Messy crate makeover

Even the inside.  Mercy.  Messy crate makeover ohmygluestick.comAfter a little sanding and staining, it was as good as new and a perfect little organizer for my space.  I’ll likely fill this up quickly with odds and ends since I have loads to spare, but they will be stored in style.

Workspace redesign

I love my new space.  It gives me loads of inspiration and has lit a fire under me to tackle my list of projects {which you can clearly see piling up on either side of the Desk}.  I can’t help but notice how unintentionally close it was to my inspiration board of my dream office space in regards to color and use of materials.  I guess I’ve been subconsciously planning this all along.

That wraps up this installment of Transformation Tuesday.  If you’d like to see more, make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a beat.

For more junkin’ pleasure, check out my Junky Monday Roundup posts to keep tabs on what I score curbside from week to week. Until next time.


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