Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet! Halloween Shirts: Free Iron On Transfer

Our family absolutely enjoys our holiday traditions.  However, I am starting to think I have maybe set the bar a little high for myself and struggle to keep up with all the traditions from year to year.  I do enjoy the details, so when it stops being fun, I’ll have to quit.  This year, for instance, I cut our annual costume party from the mix.  I’d like to say I was sad to do it, but honestly it was a relief.  I always rush and scramble til the very last minute to pull off a vision that I never fully get to enjoy while it’s happening and never have the pictures after to do it justice.  Since Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, I decided to simplify and enjoy my kids’ enthusiasm of the festivities that made the cut. 

The pumpkin patch is a must do.  We go every year and I would like to say I don’t stress to get a good picture of my kiddos, but I do.  The more we have, the harder it is to get everyone to look, smile, pay attention, etc.  However, I really love going with them and try to just relax while we are there and let things play out naturally.  It is for the best.  I also like for the kids to match { I know I sound super high maintenance, but they are only little once and will not let me do this with them forever!} and usually find a cute Halloween shirt or pair of jammies and get one for each kid.  Since they are all at such varied sizes, I can’t really do that anymore so I’ve had to find other alternatives.  Last year, we were all pirates, so I made their shirts by sewing on cross bones to white shirts.  The year before that, I created iron on designs and printed them on transfer paper. 

That’s what I decided to do this year.  I quickly threw the designs together very last minute realizing we would be out of town for a wedding during the time we were planning to go to the patch.  Hubby found an amazing event with pumpkin houses in the area we were going to be in and made it work.

The shirts turned out so cute and the kids looked adorable in them!  I’d like to say they all cooperated during the pictures, but the truth is they were down right tired.  We ended up having to park like 2 miles from the joint and walked our sweet little kids to exhaustion.  It was truly an adventure and I don’t think they will ever forget it.

To download your own Trick, Treat, Smell my feet iron on transfers from Oh My Gluestick follow the links below.  You will need to print these on printable iron on transfer paper and follow the instructions on the package.  This year, I used a pack from Walmart.  It was not as good as the brand I’d purchased before from Hobby Lobby (though I can’t remember what the brand is!)
For the Trick shirt download, click here
For the Treat shirt download, click here
For the Smell my feet download, click here


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