Why My Home Will Never Grace the Pages of a Magazine

junk deck by Oh My Gluestick
Is your house a wreck?  I bet it’s nothing like mine. In fact, my mess could probably put your mess to shame, but that’s ok.  I’m embracing it and shedding the light on my “process” as a mom, wife, crafter, junker, and homemaker.  It’s life, which is never perfect, often messy, and more often fun.  Isn’t that the point?

It’s 8:30 a.m. and I’ve vacuumed and put away a day’s worth of clothes and toys that I was too tired to put away last night or fight with the kids over.  I know that by 10:00 a.m. It will look as if I’ve done nothing.

The fast truth is I’m never going to have a picture perfect house and I’m ok with that. I live here. My people live here. I like things tidy, but I also like making memories and fun things. We enjoy playing and doing projects. I love to showcase the kids’ artwork and no matter how I try to organize it, it’s messy.

I try my best to keep things clean, but I’m honest with myself; six people live here. We have school, activities, play dates, homework, meals, and try to squeeze in down time. The laundry is forever mountain high, the dishwasher runs twice a day so we have spoons and forks for our next meal. There is a fine dance with scheduling and timing that if not done properly, a mere 5 minutes off can send us on the path of the apocalypse.

Last week, the big kids came home from school to find the house freshly cleaned. I’d just spent 2 hours killing myself in between the baby’s feedings and 2 year-old’s every demand to get it done. Princess commented, “Wow! The house is so clean. I love it like this!”. “Me too!” I exclaimed, “But you know it doesn’t last”. A few hours later, a hurricane of clothes and toys littered our living room.

The other day, Princess had a friend over after school. “The house is not clean,” she muttered to me when her friend was in the other room. “Well hon, that happens,” I replied but had mixed feelings of shock, shame, and resentment. I’m not alone here all day. I don’t drag out their belongings or smear toothpaste all over the counters. I’m not leaving a trail of shoes and snack wrappers in the middle of the floor. It’s often like swimming against the current. Some days I have to ride the waves or I’ll drown. If I can’t let it be for a day or two, I’ll get nothing accomplished that I need or want to do.

Which brings me to my next point. My house will never grace the pages of House Beautiful , because I am a junker and homemaker. I always have a project going and because my garage is full, things spill over onto the driveway (sorry, neighbors!), the deck (sorry, kids!), and the house (sorry, husband!). We have a small, all be it nicely decorated, modest house. I don’t have an extra room to do projects in, so things tend to move all over and wherever I’m inspired to create.

One of these days, maybe I’ll be brave enough to do a home tour and snap pictures of the crazy. Until then, here are the hot spots and what they tend to look like on any given Monday.

junk driveway by Oh My GluestickBehold.  My driveway is packed after a typical Monday morning of Junkin’.

junk driveway2 by Oh My GluestickAnd again.  The driveway is full of things in “que” just waiting to get upcycled or stored in my already packed garage for later.

junk inside by Oh My GluestickThis is the inside of what in most homes is a dining room, but for ours is the library, music room, and otherwise mudroom.  It’s also the place projects go to dry or wait until I can get my hands on them.  For shame.


See?  I told you it was bad and that’s just a taste.  Until next time.


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